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Car Parking has never been easier with Park Assist.
Park Assist will guide you back to your car while letting you know how much time is left on the parking meter.

Parking Meter remaining time is shown right on your home page icon.

Share your location with others.

Notifications will alert you of an expiring meter and a map with show you the exact location of your car.

Never get stuck with a parking ticket again.

Keeps record of your parking history

Park Assist Parking Meter is actively maintained and supported. We thank you for your loyalty over the years and always look forward to your feedback.

There are no catches and no gimmicks, this app is completely free.
Simple as SET & FORGET.

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# Featured by Apple in App Store Rewind 2011 in many countries
# Featured by Apple as iPhone App of the Week in many countries
# Multi-year winner of the Best App Ever Awards (“Best Travel App”)

The leading worldwide points of interest finder

Discover your next destination.
Where To? makes it incredibly easy to locate the closest steakhouse, bank branch, billiard club or anything else you may be looking for, at the drop of a hat! Finally you can find local businesses without any typing, using a slick, intuitive user experience.

The standard Maps app sometimes doesn’t find what you’re searching? — Where To? is a great alternative because it uses proven Google search results. To switch to Where To? easily, you can launch it from Maps using the last mile navigation feature.

With just a few taps, you can find local hits for any type of place you are looking for. Check the found places on the built-in map or in a list sorted by distance. Then call to make a reservation (optionally using Skype) or check the homepage using the built-in web browser.

Explore a stunning new way of visualization with Where To? 3D (iPhone only, available via In-App-Purchase for all devices under your iTunes account, free trial available). Your points of interest will be displayed on top of reality. It‘s more intuitive than ever to check out nearby locations.

Not sure what you want for dinner tonight? Use “Shake to Surprise” to make the choice. Take a chance and find something new and exciting!

Save your favorite restaurants, shops and places to find them later easily. If you own multiple iOS devices, they’re synced via iCloud.

“Is the food delicious? The service great?” Where To? collects and displays ratings and reviews from all Where To? and Google users. New reviews can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Where To? includes dinner menus for almost 500,000 US restaurants. Compare the menus to select your favorite dining location or make your choice while waiting to be seated.

Found your destination? Then let your iPhone show you the way – using the built-in route planner or any of more than 40 apps from the App Store. The standard Maps app, Navigon, TomTom, MotionX GPS drive, Waze and many others are supported. Not enough? If you’re driving a Mercedes-Benz or Audi equipped with a suitable onboard navigation system, you can send locations right to the car dashboard.

Wanna meet with some friends at this new Sushi place in town? Pass along the location info by email, text message, Twitter, Facebook or copy it to the clipboard – It‘s your choice.

# Includes more than 700 customizable categories and 2,200 brands
# Find points of interest near you or your friends and family, anywhere in the world
# New points of interest are automatically reloaded when moving
# Display of pictures, descriptions, opening hours and more
# Available in 11 different languages, covering most of the world with locally optimized search
# VoiceOver

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With NAVIGON you can turn your iPhone or iPad into a fully functional mobile navigation system. Thanks to a faithful adaptation of the menu functions, the app fits in seamlessly with the iOS operating concept and can be installed on any iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 or iPad

*** Range of functions ***

# Simple, intuitive user interface
# Can be used in portrait and landscape format
# Precise spoken announcements
# Intelligent address entry
# Lane Assistant Pro
# Real Road Sign
# Speed Assistant with adjustable audio-visual warning
# NAVIGON MyRoutes 
- Day and night modes for map display (automatic switching)
# 2D and 3D map display (bird’s-eye view)
# Route planning function
# Text-to-Speech (voice playback of street names)
# Extended Pedestrian Navigation using the iPhone’s internal compass
# Local Search
# Reality Scanner for POI searches with Augmented Reality
# Coordinate entry
# SOS Emergency Help

The latest HERE maps (formerly Navteq)
 map material with coverage for:
USA (incl. Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands), Canada
Furthermore it’s now also possible to receive regular, quarterly map updates through Fresh Maps XL.

Latest Map Guarantee:
NAVIGON’s new Latest Map Guarantee provides customers the latest HERE maps (formerly Navteq)
 map available when purchasing NAVIGON 2.0 for iPhone.

The in app purchase option FreshMaps provides quarterly map updates for at least two years. The service uses trusted, field-verified, and quality-controlled map and points of interest updates from NAVTEQÂŽ to make sure the NAVIGON app provides the most accurate and reliable directions possible. This saves you time and headaches on the road.


NAVIGON MyMaps allows you to carry only the country maps you currently need. Meaning you have more memory space for photos, music and other apps.

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THE NEXT GENERATION OF NAVIGATION: iGO primo app is here to get where YOU want to be when you want to be

If you read this message while driving, there’s a good chance you’ve spent some time using an iOS device in the car. You’ve probably also spent some of that time wishing there were a better way to integrate your phone or pod with the car itself. Thanks to Pioneer Appradio we have a superb, industry leading answer for this challange. Simply connect your iPhone to your built-in AppRadio device, Buy-Download-Activate the Pioneer AppRadio Support add-on within your iGO application and enjoy the unique experience! For more info about the AppRadio, visit www.pioneerelectronics.com/AppRadio

iGO primo app – powered by the same tried-and-trusted iGO Engine used in millions of GPS navigation devices around the world: faster & more reliable than ever before, with a set of new features for a more intelligent navigation.

The maps are part of the application NO ROAMING FEES,: no need for cellular network coverage, no surprises

**** HIGHLIGHTS ****
# Fast, short, easy-to-follow, and GREEN routes
# Automatic route recalculation
# Multipoint-route support
# Smart keyboard&history
# TTS Pro
# In-app shop with free&paid items like:
—- Speedcam databases (according to the regulations)
—- 3D citymaps
—- Explorer’s package ( POI pack)
—- Live Traffic for North America (FREE version with US traffic)
—- Live Traffic for North America (Paid version with US and Canada traffic)
—- AppRadio Support
# Local/POI search: find businesses or anything else you need around your position
# GET SOCIAL! Share your routes on Facebook!
# Try out the Customer Support Centre: watch tutorial videos, tips&tricks, send a feedback or vote for a feature!

# Avoidances let you bypass any road section of the itinerary
# Country specific lane guidance & signposts
# Multiple route variants calculated simultaneously
# Navigate to
—- iPhone contacts
—- GPS-coordinates
—- pictures

# Customizable quick menu & vehicle profile

# Trip Monitor
# 3D junctions
# Digital terrain
# Free camera movements
# Route progress bar

NNG will make the latest maps available as part of the free software updates, depending on availability. Conditions apply.

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Waze is one of the world’s largest community based traffic and navigation apps. Join drivers in your area who share real-time traffic & road info to save time, gas money, and improve daily commuting for all.

Just by driving with Waze open, you’re already contributing tons of real-time traffic info to your local community. You can also actively report accidents, police traps and other hazards you see on the road. Get road alerts on your route, and find the lowest gas prices around you with community-shared fuel prices. Plus, Waze makes it fun and simple to meet up and coordinate with friends on the road.

# Live routing based on community driven, real-time traffic & road info
# Community reported alerts including accidents, hazards, police traps, road closures, and more
# Turn-by-turn voice guided navigation
# Live maps, consistently edited and updated by Waze community map editors
# Automatic rerouting as conditions change on the road
# Learns your frequent destinations, commuting hours, and preferred routes
# Find the cheapest gas station on your route
# See friends’ ETA when driving to the same destination
# Send automatic updates on your location & ETA
# One tap navigation to Facebook & Calendar events
# Earn points to climb the ranks in your community as you contribute road info

Waze Social GPS logo
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# MotionX-GPS HD has all the Maps and Navigation Instruments you need for your outdoor life: walking, hiking, sailing, off-roading, flying, geocaching, or exploring, anywhere in the world. MotionX-GPS HD works on a hike, on a boat, in a plane, visiting a new city, or just browsing the globe from home.

# Free downloadable maps worldwide! Including MotionX Road and Terrain maps, and NOAA marine charts

# Over 5 million users, top rated around the world




# 300 TRACKS & 2500 WAYPOINTS!



Continued use of any GPS service running in the background can significantly decrease battery life

MotionX GPS logo

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NAVV stands for navigation, affordable and functional.

NAVV includes the complete maps stored on your iPhone, as well as traffic, weather services, and much more.

3G connection for navigation isn’t optimal! Don’t be held hostage by network outages and drops: with NAVV, store the complete set of maps and POIs onboard (on your device) and never experience interrupted navigation again. As always, we strongly recommend using iTunes or Wi-Fi to acquire our applications.

NAVV in a nutshell

# Fully-featured turn-by-turn navigation, as seen on standard PNDs
# Latest onboard maps. Premium content, provided by TomTom
# Streaming 3-day weather forecast for any point on a map
# Ability to share your location or trip on your Facebook wall – right from the app
# Foursquare venues and automatic check-ins upon arrival
# Millions of POIs onboard and billions by Google – right in the app

Enhancements (in-app purchases)

# Map updates
# Text-to-speech services: street names wills be spoken in English, German, or French. Provided by Nuance
# Satellite view for selected European cities
# Extra maps of Western Europe and North America

Maps with POIs and 3D-landmarks

# United States of America, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands
# Maps are downloaded AFTER the installation. Please use Wi-Fi to avoid charges

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Honk is an App that saves you from another parking ticket with a swipe of your finger. It also help you find your way back to the car through its unique handwritten memo, photo, voice memo and automatic GPS functions. Newly added: a single tap, it will take you to the step-by-step walking instruction to your car!
Honk also sports the widely praised “minute-by-minute” display of remaining time on the meter on its Icon badge. It even helps you locate nearby ATMs, cafes, Parking garages and, gas stations.

Simply swipe your finger across the meter to set how long you plan to park. As you quit Honk, it will mark your parking location on the map, and when the time comes to head back to your car, it will honk you. On your home screen, its icon will also display the remaining minutes. Just a quick glance, you can go back to your important conversation with a peaceful mind! It even features sync alarm/gps between your iPhone, iPad and even Macs via your cloud-shared Calendar!

Have you ever forgotten where you parked, and embarrassed yourself on the wrong floor, while your family had to follow you along one painful step after another. During winter in Boston? Overcomplicated controls in most apps make you feel like you are trying to heist a federal bank?

Use Honk’s simple note pad to scribble down your spot, in a language of your choice, using the most trusted tool you have: your index finger. It also allows you to take a snapshot of your spot and superimpose the photo on your handwritten memo. Of course, Honk has a built-in map with useful functions to guide you safely back to your parked car.

Even if it save you from a few parking tickets, it pays you back 100 times over!

# Simplest interface to set the parking meter alarm. A single swipe for most situations!
# Updates your remaining time on its App Icon. A quick glance at your home screen, your mind at peace.
# Smooth handwritten memo/photo/voice memo to mark the parking spot.
# Single tap takes you to the walking directions of Map to your car! (iOS7+ only)
# Honk marks parking location automatically when you set the meter alarm. Manually move the parking pin on the map when the GPS accuracy falls short. Shows how far the car is from your current location.
# Innovative bread-crumb trails to help quick orienting yourself as well as built-in compass.
# Different types of meter with long (up to 24 hours) and short time limits.
# Four levels of alarm sounds.
# Gorgeous background photos change according to the time of the day. Parallax effect! (for iOS7 and retina device users)

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Location Browser for your iPhone

Localscope is a window to your world that lets you explore your surroundings like never before. Discover and find places, people and information around you using geo-tagged data from multiple local search engines, social networks, media sharing services and other apps.

# Named the best iPhone Navigation app in the App Store Rewind 2011
# Featured by Apple as Editors’ Choice, App of the Week, Staff Favorites, What’s Hot


# Explore geo-tagged information and media around you aggregated from diverse services
# Intuitive dashboard view lets you see everything thats immediately around you from all of Localscope’s sources
# Search for anything around you and view results simultaneously from all sources
# Browse your search results in an amazingly intuitive list view with realtime direction pointers and distance meters
# Lay the results out on the map or look through the state of the art augmented reality view to spot the results in the real world
# Flick through results from different services and experience them side-by-side using the intuitive source slider
# Get rich information about places including informative badges for ratings, checkins, likes and more
# Navigate and get directions to your results, call them directly or store them to your address book in a tap
# Add geo-tagged reminders for any location and choose to get push notifications on arrival or departure from the proximity of the location
# Share your findings with your friends using Messages, Email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or Sina Weibo
# Explore detailed information about a result using the in-app browser or open it into a linked native app
# Explore any part of the world by setting it as your virtual location
# See POIs laid out on a map on connected car receiver HUDs or other supported secondary displays. Even works with the AppleTV over Airplay Mirroring
# Works worldwide – Explore your location wherever you are
# Supports 21 languages



Localscope currently aggregates information from the following services:

# Google
# Facebook
# Foursquare
# Twitter
# iOS Reminders
# YouTube
# Instagram
# Panoramio
# Flickr
# Picasa
# Wikimapia
# Wikipedia
# Factual
# Citysearch
# Yelp
# 2GIS
# Zomato
# Baidu
# Dianping
# Yellow Pages Australia
# ParkMe

Localscope logo

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The next generation of navigation and maps: The best-selling app for iPhone and iPad with an all-new design

GPS Navigation from skobbler – 3 full-fledged apps in one:

Top-rated navigation with voice prompts (turn-by-turn)
World map
Wiki travel guide

You get all this even if you are offline

* GPS Navigation includes skobbler’s innovative NGx map technology. You get maps that look great and move, zoom and rotate with unrivaled ease. Simply touch the map for slightly longer to interact with individual points on the map. You will never get blurred images or useless empty ‘map-loading’ tiles.
Instead, you get different map styles (e.g. night, outdoor) and a route planner for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. Something else you won’t find anywhere else: all functions can be used both online and offline (in installed map areas).


# Full-fledged navigation with voice prompts (turn-by-turn)
# Completely interactive OpenStreetMap (OSM)
# One single map with global coverage
# Can be enhanced within the app for offline use of all major functions
# Full functionality with and (after installation) without Internet connection (online and offline)
# Ability to install whole countries including their city maps (Wifi recommended)
# Continuous free map updates
# Extensive Wiki travel guide
# Powerful map technology (NGx)
# Route planner (vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists)
# Various map styles (e.g. night, outdoor)
# Various search facilities
# Convenient favorites lists
# Optional synchronization of favorites with the web portal maps.skobbler.com


GPS Navigation logog

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