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Folded Flyer

Throw the paper plane as far as possible and upgrade your skills to improve your best score and unlock gifts! We found the app Folded Flyer: Paper Plane Game developed by Tim Vogel.

With lots to explore and hidden collectibles to find, you’re set for a fun airborne adventure!

Race to the finish for the fastest time on each level, or search every nook and cranny for hidden rewards. Craft and fully personalize your own paper plane with a near-endless combination of colors, patterns, and upgrades. Download Folded Flyer today for free and become the ultimate paper pilot.


Fly your paper glider through a beautiful 3D world full of funky and dangerous objects. Folded Flyer is full of playful animations, colorful graphics, and an incredibly catchy soundtrack.


Get creative and craft your own paper airplane with the “Plane Designer”. Choose your own designs and colors to create your dream paper plane design. From colorful flowers and pink hearts to a tough camouflage or metal look; The combinations are endless!


Choose from multiple ways to control your plane. Take full control with the tilting controls that make clever use of the iPhone’s and iPad’s Gyroscope / Accelerometer. Or instantly take-off with the easy and innovative one-fingertip and Steer’ controls.


Earn epic upgrades for your airplane by completing levels and beating high scores. Increase your plane’s acceleration, cornering, and speed boost ability to build the fastest paper glider.


Compete on Game Center Leaderboards with your friends, family, or pilots from all over the world. Unlock unique achievements and show your friends how to take-off in style.

We’d love to hear your feedback! Help us improve Folded Flyer by leaving a review or reach out to the development team directly at https://gazingy.com

Download now Folded Flyer Now !!



Have already played tones of games and still searching for something interesting? With this New Jupiter Pong game on our review plate today, we promise to bring the best information to you. Thus helping your Great Game Search come to an end!

Key Features of Jupiter Pong

  •        Not a strategic game! Do you play games for fun and relaxation? You are not interested in so many technical setups but simply want to relax while playing. Then it is time to leave all the hefty level games and think of installing Jupiter Pong.
  •        Relaxing music: Personally our team likes the music integrated into the app. Not too much of beats and not too loud as well. The calm and easy-going music pick will surely help you relax and will not exchange you with any kind of headache.
  •        Kids are all la-la about it: Do you want your babies to be pacified with this? The easy skills required and the attractive appearance of the game board makes it a great pick for your kids too! If in case, momma and Baby want to have some relax time together, Jupiter Pong is a good one to rely on!
  •        A thematic background makes it more interesting: An impressive abstract combined with attractive colors keep the game more interesting. Milky way feel will keep you abound with the thought of space being realistic in your surrounding!
  •        Challenge your inner player: Thirteen different levels are crafted to help you feel accomplished after beating them all! With acute concentration and fast-moving of fingers, you can win it over and over again!
  •        Not like other violent games: A calm background with pacifying music with some easy game skill is what we have relied on. Unlike other violent games, we keep gaming easy, appreciable and soft skill in this era of violent gaming too!

A simple way to get refreshed

With an easy concentration demanding game, you can enter your level of relaxation anytime and anywhere!

You do not need a very brilliant set up but just your smartphone. Install it and start making your ranks. Make sure you take good care to adjust with the speed of the moving ball even if any celestial object comes in your way!

How to play!

After installing the app from Apple Store and launching it successfully, take hold of the spaceship paddle towards the bottom of your screen. Control it well and keep moving right and left to keep your ball safe. Note that the ball’s speed increases, as it hits other objects in between and so you need to be quick as well!

Last words: Senses involving app altogether aiming at increasing the coordination between Visual sense and the movement of fingers. Take time to adjust with the speed of the game and then make it happen with every single lifeline provided.


Sudoku: the tradition of number game has been preserved in the modern-day Apps. The Addictive and Interesting Game Puzzle was played for the first time in the 19th century when it made its appearance in the Newspapers.

The main theme of the game is to keep the numbers Repeated only Once in the particular cell. With a redesigned interface, the app makes a comeback with some Salient Features bringing Best for its Users.


  • Gaming made simple: Sudoku, Once favorite for some of the brainy ones, is been made simple and interesting. Different levels of gaming possible with the introduction of three square set of 9×9, 4×4 and 6×6. Take help using the small square sets and learn the art of winning: a feature intended for Beginners, that is NOT a Common Feature in Many Sudoku Apps!
  • Ai helps to Play it Easy! Helps you Prevent simple Mistakes by Highlighting the Repetition of Numbers. The options of Numbers First and Cell First helps in locating the number Repeated in the cell.
  • Challenge yourself Every day: Use the option of Daily Challenge and set a limit for Yourself! Crash your record and keep Attaining new Heights resulting in a lifted Confidence.
  • Beat Time: Play the Right Moves and Kill the Target within the time limit set. Challenge YOURSELF and keep Killing Your Old Records.
  • Calcudoku: A Variant to the same theme of Sudoku: Never Repeat an already used number.
  • Battle Sudoku: Playing along is NOT fun especially when you got the moves. Play the Battle Sudoku, lock in more squares and BEAT your Opponent!
  • Register your Name in the World Ranking: Flash your name in the list of World Rankers and Add a Feather in YOUR Cap! Become the Sudoku GOD on reaching level 18th from Level 0!

Last words:

Creative and Engaging game: very helpful in keeping you Busy and Self-Engaged. Enjoy the 180 emoji stamps every day provided in the Daily Challenge Puzzles. Quite Interesting Built and Appearance made Colourful and Interactive! Feel the Gaming Contentment after Solving every puzzle and Scoring the Points. Enjoy the International Ranking Method. In short, Cool app to Play, Challenge, Relax, Feel Refreshed and Repeat!

Everyone likes to play role-play game that brings out the ultimate fun. In this review, I will share information about a game named as warrior Tales Fantasy. The game is based on all RPG strategy. Moreover, it having a story too. The main aim of this game is to fight & collect coins.

Key features of Warrior Tales Fantasy:

Cool graphics with a classic user interface. The application is not requiring any kind of user profile or login data. It is having customized features that help the user to easily adjust the settings. Even the team is also customized and the player could easily add or remove any candidate from the team as per his or her choice.

A player could easily save the battle with a single connection with Facebook. Option to collect treasure that refers to gems & coins. There is a facility to make the individual member safe in the world of war.

To boost up the power there are some advanced buttons. For this you could use 2X to charge up the skills and to make the team relax, you could easily come to 1x.

Playing strategy:

The game is based on the story. One needs to make the team and fight against enemies. On winning, you will get coins. The main aim is to fight & score well.

What is the difference in this game?

This game could be enjoyed long-lasting. The player will not get bored at all. With the help of exploring the option, you could easily explore the things. It helps in developing motor skills. One could easily explore the daily quest with the help of this game.

Do you like to shoot items and test your skills? Here is a new game which I’m introducing named Ultimate Sniper. It’s having various targets to shoot. The game is available at Google Play store & App Store. One of the important points about this game is that it is suitable for the 10 to 12 age group also.

The game is all about aiming & shooting. It will also improve reflex. A player must locate and crush the aim in order to get a high score. In this way, you could be rightly called Gun Shooter. Let’s see some of the features of this game.

Features of Ultimate Sniper:

  • Fetching all important information
  • Selecting your choice of the game chapter
  • The option of sharing with friends
  • Graphics with colorful images
  • Get your own choice of chapter
  • Different kinds of targets like the mug, rabbit, fruit pots, etc.
  • 1000 complimentary bonus points for the entry fee
  • Addicting FPS game strategy

How to play this game?

The basic need to play the game is to understand the tactics. Firstly choose your chapter and adjust your aim with the help of the aim button. You could easily navigate in any direction. Take the zoom in and out adjusters and set the correct distance from the gun properly. Just tap on the screen and shoot the object. Mind it sure that you must be active enough to shoot the object. In case of time out, the buzzer will ring that will alert you that you have a limited time period to shoot.

There will be screen help through which you can know the bullets remaining, time left, necessary entry fees & number of targets which you need to crush.

Last words:

Ultimate Sniper is the best game that I would like to prefer. It’s interesting and classic game. Just download this game and test your shooting skills. It will make you a gun leader.

Summary: Ultimate Sniper is a super interesting game. It is a really new one and amazing to play.

We all love to play games on our mobile and on a daily basis, new apps are introduced in the market. Recently a new app has launched in the market and its FABFLY, available on the Google Play Store. From the name of this app, one can predict that it includes a flying concept for the fun. In this game, the main concept is about AVATAR who grow up fully with well playing.

One need to just deal with tapping fun in this game. Just tap on the screen and the avatar will fly upward. In this way, one achieves the score and the avatar will grow up.

FABFLY Key features:

Coming on the features of this game, I will say it’s a complete package of good features. There are cool music and graphics which leaves the user with a great experience. There are simple tap controls. Four challenges begin. There is an option of choosing a girl or boy Avatar in this game. Moreover, the game could be played without an internet connection. Compatible with all age groups. The concept is simple tap control.

Playing strategy:

To play this game, all you need to tap on the screen. On tapping, the avatar will fly upward. You can also change the direction of your Avatar. In the way, there will be obstacles to make the game challenging. The level of challenge will hike with time. In case if your avatar gets hit with them, the game will get over.


FABFLY is the most addictive game with an endless approach. When you start playing this game, you will not be able to forbear yourself. Using your skills you can achieve rewards. Play it once and avail the fun for real money.

Summary: FabFly is an addictive game. It’s all about challenging, fun and earning of real money. It’s available for all age groups.

Have you ever heard that witch become pretty? Yes, in Broom, you will meet at a pretty witch. It’s a mobile application available for the iOS platform. It’s actually an endless and funny game. All those Halloween freaks can deal with this game. The actual concept is to help witch in fly because she lost her broom. The best thing is that it can be played by kids and adults.

As you know that witch loves her broom and can’t fly without it. People afraid of a witch but in this game, you will meet to a pretty witch. All you need to help her in flying and collect coins.

Broom Features:

  • Kid’s mode made especially for kids
  • Rewards that you can achieve
  • Sharing option to share on the different media
  • Colorful graphics that you can enjoy
  • Many wonderful acquisitions and skills
  • Different characters

How to play this game?

You need to help witch in her fly. She makes herself pretty. All you need to help her in jumping by drawing springs. In this way, you will get the green elixirs and jump higher. It’s an actually an endless game so you can enjoy the game without any interruption. All you need to do is to help her in bouncing to collect maximum coins. The more you collect coins, the more score you will gain.

Last words:

Broom is a mobile application which helps you in passing your free time. It’s an endless game that one can enjoy anytime or anywhere. Download this game and help the pretty witch.

There are many games in the app store and regular users get new games. But some developers always try to bring something new and the best example of this is Helius’ which is really an addicting game. It’s available for the iOS platform. The exciting thing about this application is that it’s a bundle of many minigames which are puzzle and arcade as well. Let’s see something more.

Helius’ Features:

  • There are 16 types of thinking and puzzle games
  • Mathematical puzzles
  • Dynamic color scheme
  • Seven categories like integration, perception, logic, thinking, memory, learnability, motor skills and sense of time.
  • Unique user interface
  • The high grade of the Helius’ competence can be shared on the social media also
  • Colorful graphics
  • Every game is having a reason behind it

How to play this game?

Well, you will never know which game you will get to play. There will be two dice and on tapping on those the chess icon will move on the board whatever result will be. The values of the numbers on the game dice fall in a random sequence, but the calculation on the playing field is the arithmetic mean of the half of the numbers that you have fallen out. According to that only you will get your game. All those games are a combination of logical and arcade game as well. All you need to do is to use your own brain power to play some games.

Last words:

Helius’ is a mobile app that provides multiple mini-games. It is user-friendly and full of enjoyment. I would like to recommend to everyone to try this game once.

Playing a mobile game has never been so much fun during this day and age, everyone is playing mobile games every day. New games are being launched every day, and most of them are just copying a previous game and no new ideas. KIIINGS has set to launch something new, innovative and exciting. 10th Oct 2018 is the special launching day for KIIINGS new game Shadow Chase Run Bear Run.

KIIINGS  Developers have made this fun adventure game with one thing in mind people. Giving day to day mobile game players a refreshing adventure game to play. Players will be introduced to Jimmy the bear is the protagonist and Shimmy the Shadow bear is the antagonist.

Most bears love honey and who wouldn’t. However, Jimmy is different and different is good. Jimmy loves his fruits and can’t get enough of them so much so that he will do anything to get the fruits. Shimmy is is a curse put on Jimmy and the protector of fruits. Everytime Jimmy gets a fruit Shimmy sends his shadow clones to chase and capture Jimmy, the bear.

To protect Jimmy the bear and his love of fruits, the developers have put some features. To increase the speed of Jimmy, the bear, there is a secret workout Jimmy does. Jimmy can also defeat Shimmy with the help of 2 secret dance moves. Also, magical fruits will appear, the grapefruit will help destroy shadow clones, and the cherry fruits will stop the bears for at least 5 seconds.

o keep Jimmy the bear alive and to enjoy the game, keep him running, jumping and collecting fruits because staying still will lead to your capture. Each level has objectives they player has to finish to move on the next level. For each level, you will unlock boost features in this game. Some of the boosts are

  • Charm boost: Jimmy charming the player and shadow clones.
  • Dance Boost: Jimmy dancing will stop the shadow bears and destroy at least two shadows
  • Sit-up boost: this gives Jimmy stamina
  • Immunity boost: that will help Jimmy to not get captured
  • Other hidden boosts that players will get to see when they play the game

Avoid Shimmy’s shadow clones all means. If one or one of his Shadow clones capture, Jimmy is game over for you and Jimmy the bear. Always be alert during the shadow chase because you never know your next move might be your last move.

Be ready as soon you will meet your cute bear in Shadow Chase Run Bear Run and get an adventure with lots of fun. The company has already announced the launching date which is 10th Oct 2018. that’s not long to go soon you will be playing the fantastic, fun, exciting game.

For more details: www.shadowchaserunbearrun.com


From bestselling author Simon Scarrow comes Cato and Macro: The Game.

Storm your way across the battlefields of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East with fictional legends Cato and Macro in their fight to defend and expand the Roman Empire.

# Help Cato and Macro command their troops in battle
# Build barracks, gain resources and prepare for war
# Master the two gameplay modes:
# Story mode: Conquer 12 death-defying levels
# Skirmish mode: Slay waves of Bandits, Barbarians and Druids
# Unlock exclusive author notes and story extracts
# Unleash the Flaming Pig on unsuspecting enemies!
# Spot appearances from legends Boudica, Caratacus and Ajax

Cato and Macro  logoDownload Now on ( Free )  App Store