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Experience the adrenalin and joy of solo free climbing. To get to the top of the route there are lots of skills required. Some routes are very tricky, you will have to find the right combination and be fast. Furious Climber will teach you to do dynamic moves, jumps, find places to rest, etc. Solve real climbing problems and be the king of the hill.
Enjoy the free climbing madness from the safety of your couch. Start your journey to a great climber

You will need patience to master this one. Be the king of the hill.

# Routes divided by difficulty (easy, medium, hard)
# Zoom feature
# Real physics
# Real holds
# Grip pointer
# Route builder – build and share your own routes. Challenge your friends, let them try and climbe them!
# timer
# pinch zoom – zoom in/out with two fingers
# short climbing tutorial
# back button on phone works also in the game
# No real injuries

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