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Hides your Photos, includes a decoy area, advanced security intruder alert features, USB/wifi Import & export, and much much more.
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Picture Safe 2.9 Four straight years on top, countless free updates and still the most advanced privacy app out there – forget pretend fake dot-lock apps or copycats with minimal features and read our feature list and over 10,000 4-5 star reviews!! Nothing else packs in this much value!

Picture Safe provides a much needed way to separate, group, organise, PASSWORD PROTECT and back-up pictures, providing a secure common-sense way for you to keep your Pictures Safe. No need to worry about others stumbling across your ‘private’ pictures anymore!

Some of the many unique features:
# Creates a Password Protected storage area for ANY image from your Camera, Photo Album, or the Net.
# Create folders for better organising of images!
# Includes an entirely separate decoy safe for unauthorised users.
# Fake Calculator Entry Screen – with longer 8 digit PIN Numbers
# Our unique ‘Snoop-Stopper’: takes unauthorised people to a safe area showing generic images (beaches, puppys etc).
# Dual passwords: for access to Real and ‘Safe’ Picture modes.
# Use the camera to take private photos from within the app.
# Discrete Icon and app name on device (says PS)
# USB Transfer via iTunes new ‘File Sharing’ feature.
# Support for Retina Display and Images up to 2500×2500
# Slideshow with adjustable settings
# Multitouch control – Zoom, Swipe, Rotate
# True Multiple Image Import
# Quick Hide – With a double tap action you can quickly replace any offending image with a fake spreadsheet or image of your choosing.
# Copy + Paste Images directly from Safari/Email
# Bluetooth Transfer

# NEW Advanced Security Alerts.
Photograph taken of would be intruders, including GPS location, date and time captured and emailed to you.
# NEW Password Reminder via email.
# NEW AirPlay Support (requires AppleTV)
# NEW Keypad Entry Theme
# NEW Grid/list views
# WiFi Connectivity to your Mac/PC ! (Using FTP or Browser. No need to sync via iTunes).
# IMPORT. Grab 1000’s of pics from your computer and with a single button press upload them into your iPhone.
# VIEW your iPhone/iPod Touch photos fullscreen on your Mac/PC (slideshows too).
# ORGANISE. Use your pc/mac to rearrange, rename, delete pictures.
# BACK-UP. Easily transfer copies of pictures from Picture Safe onto your PC/Mac via USB.
# Export back to photo album.
# Email images to friends from within Picture Safe.

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ebDrive, the world’s premier cloud storage access and file transfer client for the desktop, is now available on iOS!

WebDrive connects you to all the files on your storage servers and services in one easy to navigate interface. Instantly access all your files on the go.

WebDrive is the ultimate file access productivity tool. Connect to your Amazon S3, Google Drive, or other cloud service, and connect securely to your corporate file servers. Have business files at your fingertips from WebDAV, SFTP, FTP and even SharePoint servers.

WebDrive Provides Connectivity To:
• Amazon S3
• Google Drive
• Dropbox
• Legacy FTP Servers
• Secure FTP Servers
• SFTP Servers
• WebDAV and Secure WebDAV Servers
• Sharepoint Servers


• Support for industry standard protocols including FTP, Secure FTP, SFTP (FTP over SSH), WebDAV and Secure WebDAV.
• Built in support for Cloud Services such as Files Anywhere, Sharepoint, Amazon S3 and Google Drive.
• Ability to prompt for the password to ensure the security of your data if your iPad/iPhone is lost or stolen.
• Eliminates the frustration of accessing large files. WebDrive can access files over 2GB in size.
• Protects battery life and bandwidth using HTTP Keep-Alive support for WebDAV/HTTP based servers.
• WebDrive protects your data as it travels over the airwaves, using Industry leading TLS and SSL.
• Free technical support through our help desk included in the purchase of the product.
• Free upgrades to new releases of WebDrive for iOS.

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