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Age 1.5 – 4 years
Welcome to Bubuworld!
In this game, the child is transferred to the fabulous kitchen, where he or she meets perky and fun Characters, Spoon and Fork. They play and eat constantly, just like kids.
Characters smile, dance, wink, but they are always hungry and your child should feed them all the Time. The faster you catch the objects means more chances they feed up and do some funny stuff to Entertain your kid. But you must be careful not to let the fork gobble a train instead of cherries or Spoon swallow a sock. Watch out, spoon and fork are very hungry.

# Try to feed spoon and fork and see how they react
# Go through different game levels to make spoon and fork friends
# The game adapts to the capabilities and skills of the child
# The game help to develop reaction and motility
# The child learns to distinguish between colors and objects
# Recommended for toddlers
# No in-app purchases or third-party advertising, so you and your child are free to discover without interruptions

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Join millions of people and play the newest Tap 2 craze! Find out why people love Duo Pop.
EXCITING TAP-2 GAMEPLAY – Tap on 2 or more of adjoining colours to POP them. The more you pop in one tap the more bonus points you get.
4 GAME DIFFICULTIES – Start from easy, and work your way through all levels. Hard, Pro and the ultimate challenge, ELITE!
2 GAME MODES – Duo Pop offers a timed mode. Race against the clock and make as many points as you can. The more combos you make, the more time bonus and score bonus you get. In Untimed mode, there is no clock to race, but you still need to be on your game to not let the blocks reach the top.
LEADERBOARDS – Duo Pop offers players 2 types of leaderboards. In game leader board for all modes and difficulties, and also GameCenter leaderboards for all difficulties in the timed mode.

Duo Pop offers a unique, exciting and challenging experience for everyone.

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Wanna know how you would look like if you were a fruit like in annoying orange? Find out instantly with FruitFace!

What would you look like if you were an apple? And what about your friends? Find out with FruitFace, a fun way to instantly fruit your faces on your iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad. Use FruitFace on family, friends or colleagues photos and share them via email, FaceBook, Twitter, MMS, Instagram…

FruitFace is simple, fun, flexible and lets you discover your inner fruit.

How it works :-
You take a picture of yourself, and FruitFace converts it to a fruit of your own choice: apple, banana, pineapple, kiwi and so many others (35+ fruits, increasing every day).
Don’t miss out, download FruitFace now for instant fun.

Tips :-
# FruitFace works best with front face photos.
# Make funny faces!
# Don’t be selfish, share your awesome photos with friends and family!

Features :-
# Works with photos taken with your built-in camera or from your photo library
# Allows to choose a face among many on the same photo
# Auto-cropping using face detection
# Transformation process is instant with no internet connection needed
# Save results to your photo library
# Share with your friends via email, FaceBook, Twitter, MMS, Instagram
# FruitFace is universal for your iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

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