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World-renowned and prize-winning studio REMEDY presents this action-packed 3D strategy game. Take command of a forward operating base somewhere in the South Seas. Arm your hi-tech naval force and defeat the sinister Chimera Corporation.

Cool agents, fast action, hi-tech hardware

# Fast paced 3D action strategy gameplay
# Cinematic battles on gorgeous paradise islands
# Even faster and more beautiful with Apple’s Metal technology
# Build, extend and improve your spectacular base
# Upgrade and advance your hi-tech weapons and fleet
# Co-operate with friends and send reinforcements

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The sequel to the iOS game ‘God Strike’ that has been sold one million copies!

Be a god in this city,
Check your thunderbolt then swipe down!

Now, it’s time to punish the villains.

# Simple and easy swipe control
# 140 various campaign stages : We are going to update more stages!
# Two very different God characters
# Splendid and powerful Special moves
# Collectable 30 thunderbolt-cards
# Over 30 unique villains
# Endless mode : Protect a bank from villains!

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Little Raiders is a wonderful mixture of adventure, combat and building experience. Build your village, raise your army of Raiders, recruit unique heroes and equip them with legendary weapons.

• 5 Heroes to rescue and train
• 15 different buildings types to create your own village
• 200+ weapons to collect and equip on your Raiders
• 5 Special Powers to master
• Hundreds of missions to get awesome rewards
• Epic Boss battles
• Craft your own weapons and produce the resources your need
• Dozens of enemy types
• 3 Regions to conquer
• Play with friends
• Over 80 Game Center Achievements to complete!
• Supported languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese & Simplified Chinese

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The aliens are here… and they didn’t come in peace. Can you save the Earth?

Alien Creeps is the tower defense game that has it all: frenzied, epic battles! Hordes of devious Enemies! Dazzling graphics and animations! Lighting bolts! Helicopters!
Blast those creeps with powerful towers! Mow them down with sturdy infantry units and courageous Heroes! Zap them with the supercharged Tesla Tower! Upgrade your weaponry and plan your strategy With the help of General Steele and Professor Sparks, and put an end to evil alien emperor Haxor‘s Maniacal plans before it’s too late!

-Defend the Earth with thrilling tower defense action
-Rise to the challenge with 3 game modes
-Deploy your heroes and infantry across a variety of demanding terrains
-Blast, zap, and explode hordes of unique, alien enemies
-Devise the ultimate defense with an array of devastating towers
-Unlock powerful new towers and abilities
-Share reinforcements and airstrikes with your friends
-Save the world in style with stunning graphics and animation

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After centuries of peace with the ruling of the Armross Empire. Corrupted Fallen Bishop Balmostat opens a gate to the underworld summoning the Dark King, Maggedron and his army.
having the land swallowed by blood and chaos. Join the world of Chaos to save the world from the Dakr King Maggedron..

# Brilliant 3D Graphics featured with Spectacular Lighting Skills!!

# Hack your way through an EPIC STORYLINE
# SLASH hundreds of enemies and massive bosses

# Play with up to 4 Fellows and summon your friends’ Hero to aid you in danger.
# Collect various type of Heroes to build the Best Party from over 200 fellows.
# Upgrade your equipments from over 1000 of items to loot.
# Make friends and get help on your adventure to save the world.

# Chase down the monsters in Chasing Mode
# Fight along with your friends to hunt down Bosses
# Challenge yourself in the Infinite Level Tower of Chaos.
# Fight against others WORLDWIDE in PVP mode
# Defeat your Rivals every day. (5 Rivals Daily)

# Unleash devastating amounts of damage with various skills and abilities

# Combine Up to 3 skills in a row for maximum damages.
# Choose your skill combination from 9 different skills!

# 4 types of Element : Fire > Poison > Lighting > Ice > Fire
# Build an effective team by the elements type of Weapon & Units

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One small step for you. One light-year for Walkr!

Hop aboard the fantastic Walkr spaceship and start your adventure across the boundless cosmos. On a rocket built by an 11-year-old genius, you’ll use your “walking energy” to fuel the ship, allowing you to discover more than 25 fascinating planets, like Caramel Apple, Octopus Cavern, Heart of Flames, and more! Throughout the universe, you’ll also encounter delightful lost space creatures who will need your help along the way. It’s truly the adventure you’ve been waiting for!

Walkr is the second fantastic offering in a series of health-conscious games from Fourdesire, creators of Plant Nanny, a fun sim which reminds users to drink water daily, and already has more than 2 million players!

# Build your own galaxy and devise new ways to increase your galaxy’s population
# Explore the ever-expanding, boundless universe
# Undertake missions to help the many adorable creatures across the galaxy find their homes
# Visit and say hello to your friends’ galaxies
# Grow with Walkr: earn 25+ awesome achievements and show off your collections.

# Just put iPhone in your pocket, and Walkr will automatically record the number of steps you’ve taken and convert them into “walking energy” for your spaceship
# Walkr tracks and records your daily calorie burn and recommends a daily goal
# Walkr is designed for minimal power consumption and run 24/7 in the background. However continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

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Epic battles await in one of the most anticipated MMO-ARPGs of 2014! Hack, slash and dispatch a barrage of attacks as you and the Soul Guardians protect Midgard from the Demon Army uprising. An intensive action RPG meets card collecting, choose to quest through single player dungeons or engage in co-op and PVP arenas with friends. Collect Soul Art Cards to evolve and fuse in order to construct extraordinary attacks!

# EXECUTE massive bosses and nefarious foes with gritty action-oriented gameplay!
# COLLECT, FUSE, and EVOLVE your Soul Arts cards to unleash powerful skills on your enemies!
# COMPETE against other players to become a champion of the Soul Guardian’s leaderboard.
# CHOOSE among an array of Soul Guardians, each with their own unique set of attacks!

Go forth! Evil waits for no one!!!

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*This is a 120mb game that will require WiFi connection to download… perfect time to practice your free throws!

### Hardware Requirements ###
ShowStopper Basketball is specifically optimized for the iPhone 4 (and later), iPad 2 (and later) and iPod Touch 5th generation (and later).

Collect, Power-up, Play, and Dominate. Total control of the court is in your hands and all eyes are on you in ShowStopper Basketball. Set your team up to play aggressive defense, drive down the lane for a monster dunk, pass the rock, or step back for a three pointer… YOU call the shots!

# Strategic Gameplay: Take on an AI that is actually intelligent
# Total Team Management: Set, equip and level up your all-star lineup
# Over 45 Achievements: Top the leaderboards and outrank your friends
# Multiplayer Challenges: Dominate your friends in full court hoops to earn better gear
# Stunning 3D Graphics

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Discover the new music application by Fingerlab, winner of the Apple Design Award 2012 for DM1 – The Drum Machine.

Musyc is a fun and innovative music application where touch turns into music.
No use of piano keyboard or partitions, draw shapes and listen to your piece of music while viewing sounds bouncing on the screen.
Enjoy the 88 instruments (organized into 22 groups) exclusively created and produced at Fingerlab music studio as well as all the exciting and new physical and music tools provided in Musyc.

Musyc is free and its full version is available through in-app purchases.

WARNING: Musyc is not compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3 and iPod touch 4.

# Graphic design by Jonas Eriksson
# Retina Display
# Optimized for iPhone 5 and new iPad
# High quality sound engine
# Ultra-realistic physical engine
# Audio track mixer (level, pitch, length, pan, mute)
# 2 effect channels with 10 effects (Delay, Overdrive, Reverb, Phaser, …)
# Physical sequencer
# Motion recorder
# Advanced physical objects (planet, black hole, modulator, …)
# User sound kit with samples import (Dropbox, microphone, iPod, iTunes, Audiopaste)
# Real-time audio recording
# High-quality or compressed exports (DropBox, SoundCloud, Mail, AudioCopy and iTunes)
# Video recording and export to Facebook, Vimeo, Mail and Photo Library
# Inter-app audio support
# Audiobackground support
# 2 skins available: standard and black & white


Musyc logo

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Live a whole new music experience with Splyce! The most beautiful music player with magical DJ powers.

For a mind blowing experience with your iPhone’s music, just select your favorite songs, order them (we’ll help you with BPM’s and visual clues) and click play! It’s really that simple and with a fancy look&feel. But Splyce has a lot more to offer: it will mix (for real) your music, you can select the mix mode and the mixing time, and turn on light and visual effects that will allow you to throw the best parties in town. It’s like having your own DJ always with you!

Take the most out of Splyce with the brand new Splycelists: save your playlists and mixing settings and enhance your playlists. Work with more than one and feel the power of the smart length and seek engine. Feel a whole different experience around your favorite music and be the life & soul of the party with Splyce!

And if you want to feel the visual power of the app, you can connect Splyce to Philips(R) Hue lights, and experience how music and light effects can work together to make your experience even greater. Intensity and color will vary depending on the song BPM’s, so imagine having synchronized music & lights automagically with Splyce.

Splyce will change your music experience:
=>As your everyday music player: enjoy your favorite music in a better way
=>Partying: take your parties to the next level with Splyce!
=>Sports training: follow the rhythm of the music while training hard
=>Liven up your business: from a shop to a restaurant or a gym, anyone can enjoy Splyce!


=>All music Player features
=>Automatic mixing
=>BPM calculation of tracks
=>Playlist creation
=>Swipe right to auto order and left to delete a song on your playlist
=>Hold to order manually
=>Automatic order & music search by BPM
=>Profiles based on BPM
=>3 mixing modes
=>5 transition modes between songs
=>Default track duration
=>Set mixing duration
=>8 different color themes
=>Beat synchronized light effects
=>Flash torch
=>Airplay integration
=>Purchase music on iTunes

Splyce logo

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