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Are you tired of all those boring pictures that your friends always send you? Have you ever dreamed about impressing your friends – not only with your photography skills – but also with the creativity to take funny pictures? Then this app is for you!

Welcome to the FREE version of send-me-pix, a fun photo sharing game for iPhone and iPad!


# Send Fun Pictures to Your Friends on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!
Find friends by username or e-mail address or invite friends!

# Over 50 Special Pixel Image Overlays!
Every time you take a picture, you can apply one of over 50 fun pixel overlays!

# Turn-based Gameplay!
Take turns sending each other pictures!

# Local Notifications!
Be alerted when it’s your turn to take a new picture!

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Mind Twister helps improve your simple math skills! You can practice different types of math like addition, subtraction and multiplication.
Challenge Yourself and friends to prove how fast is your mind. Hurry up and download!
It will help to strengthen your mental abilities, enhance your IQ skills and many more.
Start a math war and have fun!!!

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