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Free Alrm Clock iPhone App


A simple gesture based alarm clock app loaded with smart features to be used in everyday life.
It’s a solution to manage alarms visually by selecting the specific labels, also provides an option to
choose favorite wallpapers to give user a personalized touch. Two alarm modes are made available for
users to choose from – Swipe to keep things simple & – Shake for someone who needs an extra push to
remind themselves.

Swipe: Simple swipe up/down gestures to Snooze/Dismiss your alarms, designed for people who like to keep things simple.
Shake: Shake the device to turn alarms off, for someone who needs an extra push to remind themselves.

# Set an alarm in less than 10 seconds
# Quick & Easy gestures to manage all your alarms
# 8 visually stunning Wallpaper themes to personalize
# 8 revolutionary alarm Labels for different scenarios like
# Sunrise label to quit good night sleep & wake up
# Phone label to make call
# Flight label to board the plane on time
# Simple interface to use
# Circular dialers to set an alarm
# Tap to turn alarms On/Off
# Press & hold to delete alarms
# Organize all alarm reminders at a one place
# Wakes sleepers up with their favorite iTunes music
# Accelerating alarm tone that get louder slowly
# Innovative rotary UI to set recurring alarms for any day of the week
# Share alarms on Facebook
# Researched, rehearsed and well-crafted for iOS 7
# Premium Feature – more alarm Labels & Wallpapers from in app purchase

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