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Free Adventure Race Game for iPhone


Join Tito Turtle as he fights his way through the ocean on his aqua jetpack battling his arch enemies. In This free fun race fight game.
Watch out for the cunning Shark and his shady henchmen.
To lift-off Tito and his Jetpack , simply touch the screen to ascend and release to descend, raining Combat shell bullets, and lasers at his fishy enemies as you fly towards higher and higher scores by Collecting the shell coins and rewards.
Use the FREE COINS button EVERYDAY to get 250 FREE COINS to help you buy Power Boosts, Funky Weapons and tools and level skips
This is a free fun and addictive family game that will keep you hooked for hours.
Syncronized with Facebook and Twitter to join in the fun with your friends
Gamecenter integration to place on the leader board

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