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Make and watch interactive videos on-the-fly.
â—Ź Swipe for 1,000,000+ layouts, colors and styles
â—Ź Easily insert your favorite GIFs, videos and photos
â—Ź Tap through thousands of fast-paced interactive stories
â—Ź Export videos at any dimension to share on all platforms
â—Ź Instant publishing with no rendering or waiting

Flyr is filled to the brim with quick, eye-catching videos, from action sports and tech reviews to memes and fails. Check out new, trending stories every day or make your own!

Upgrade your social posts by making Snapchat Discover-style content in seconds. Flyr is a lightning-fast production studio in your pocket.

Watch it in action here: http://flyrtv.com

As creators, we knew the biggest pain points when making videos, so we found a better way. A way to produce impressive interactive videos without lengthy render/upload times or the need for a computer.

*For a great experience we recommend iPhone6 or newer*

Welcome to the video revolution. Life is interactive, now videos are too.