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Fluttabyes is a bright, cheerful, and fun take on a “Match 3” game. Easy to pick up and play, and thoroughly addictive! Your aim is to help the butterflies fly away by matching 4 or more of the same colour. Earn score multipliers by creating matches very quickly. If you match more than 6 butterflies you will earn a ladybird. If you match more than 9 butterflies, you will earn the magical rainbow butterfly!

There are different modes of play:

SURVIVAL – Race against the dandelion clock and earn more time by freeing butterflies.
ENDLESS – There is no time limit so you can perfect your match-making skills.
SOLITAIRE – Free all the butterflies as quickly as you can.
DROP – Survive as long as you can while butterflies drop down at an ever increasing rate.
RUSH – You have 60 seconds to earn the highest score you can. To help you, Ladybirds and Rainbow Butterflies are easier to get!

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