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Now offers a comprehensive snapshot of your life at any given moment. It is more than just an alarm clock – it is a feature-rich application providing an overview of the information most useful to you and your life. By displaying the current date, time, calendar events, and weather, life’s moments are all just a glance away.

Now can be used as a desktop clock while you work or bedside companion to ensure you have a complete itinerary of the next day’s events the night before. Now’s deep set of features include:

# Universal Application for both iPhone & iPad

# Current date & time

# Your next three calendar events

# Click on Calendar to launch week view

# Ability to turn off all day events

# Current weather

# Today’s weather (at 8pm, it changes to tomorrow’s weather)

# Sleep Timer w/ 5 custom sleep sounds & ability to make personalized iTunes Playlist to fall asleep to

# Alarm w/ 5 custom alert sounds & ability to make personalized iTunes Playlist to wake up to

# Simply tap on the Sleep & Alarm icons to toggle on and off

# Night Mode: a simplified view you can set to automatically turn on at10pm or double tap to launch at anytime

# Manual Dim in Night Mode to adjust screen brightness for better sleep

# Flashlight on shake

# 8 different themes to skin the application

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