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Fish Away


You are a yellow fish swimming in pretty restricted underwater grid, trying to escape from bad angry red sharks and survive for as long as possible. Each move brings you one point, so your aim is, unsurprisingly, to get more points. You see a heart? Go get it! That thing will give you an extra live. You see a bomb? Go for it. You will blow up all red sharks on screen and will be safe for some time.

How to swim? That’s the problem. You can only tap on screen to rotate to the right – that is it! But do not worry. You will have to invent your own strategy to escape from all your underwater enemies. So… Good luck!

Compete with your friends by getting following achievements
# Score 100/300/500 points
# Play 50 games
# Kill 1000 sharks!
# More achievements will be added in next version!

You love to cheat? We have you covered. Get 1 extra life each game or buy a feature enabling twice more bombs for you. Blow up these sharks!

# Achievements
# Game Center support
# Leaderboards
# Beautiful music and sounds
# Optimized for iPhone 6/6+
# iPad support is coming soon!

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