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Story Title: A Ferry to Airy / Teitl y Stori: Yr Ynys Aer

Laugh and Learn with the Flitlits
Categories: STORY/EDUCATION /8-11/First Language
Content: Cross-curricular/Focus on Literacy:

# ENGLISH /WELSH /U.S. ENGLISH versions of the text and narration
# RESEARCHED extensively in partnership with experienced educators
# SPANS the divide between picture books and chapter novels
# DEVELOPS IMPROVED LITERACY /appeals to both genders /encourages boys to read more
# 13 DIVERSE, TIMELESS characters that champion differences
# COMPREHENSIVE EDUCATIONAL SECTIONS that offer CROSS-CURRICULAR lesson planning options /schools /home teaching
# ‘TAP ON THE MAP’ section reveals the characters /home plots /landmarks /significant stars /17 INTRODUCTORY STORIES
# PLOTS and LANDMARKS that link extensively to generic curricula
# LINE BY LINE HIGHLIGHTING of the lyrical text to best effect. Linguistics, including Sentence Structure, may be incorporated into grammar exercises as outlined in the educational guides

The central character, JESTER BIT, is a scamp with a heart. His mischief leads to compassion, empathy, team work and a sense of fair play. Readers are invited to look behind the stories, the habitat, the interplay between the characters and more.

This story follows Jester Bit on a fantastical journey. What awaits him at the No-Zone Space?
A message reaches Doctor It at his home, the Puzzling Pit. The doctor’s pet, an I.T. scholar, is so hot underneath his collar. Both need to crack a code to save the day. Will Doctor It make contact?

# Language Selection
# Automatic Page Turning
# Scroll Back to Previous Image or Page
# On /Off Auto Play Speech
# Text Highlighting
# Interactive Features
# Narration Volume Control
# Music Volume Control
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