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Address book by flick and master groups.

FlickAddress is a new address book you master easily contacts in iPhone.
You can smoothly call or email when dragging and grouping contacts.
As groups can be switched right and left like you flick cards you can
find easily many contacts.
As FlickAddress uses iPhone standard contacts you can use it soon after installing.

# Find groups by flick
Groups can be switched right and left.
You can sensuously find them because groups are sorted by colors.
It is also possible to find it by page control in bottom of a screen.

# Grouping by drag
Let’s touch and hold a little and group contacts by drag.
You can drag at once if you tap another items while dragging and
it is also possible to put some groups for easy identification.

# Bookmark contacts
Bookmark common contact for email address.
You can register email addresses and numbers individually.
You can soon send mobile email address without searching them.

Contact data:
FlickAddress uses data of your iPhone standard contacts.
You can use same data if you already grouped.
Groups by FlickAddress is reflected in your iPhone standard contacts.
Colors and sorts can be used in only FlickAddress.
In current version, contacts with no group data on iPhone are not supported.(ex, Exchange)

Please visit FlickAddress support page for more convenient usages.

# Select contacts/Grouping by drag
# Color /Sort groups
# Send all email/SMS
# Search contacts
# Add contacts/Edit/Delete
# Call/FaceTime/Mail/SMS/MMS/Maps/Webpages
# Send vCard in mail.
# Uncategorized:Automatically put together ungrouped contacts.
# Bookmark: Add items by tapping on the contact screen in detail.

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