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How about getting something installed that would help your child’s mental development? Something that would not only keep them busy but will also interact with them and helps them feel understood.

Specialties of Feelu

  • An interactive app: We know kids love to talk. They love it more when the talks are in beautiful expression with awesome voice tone brought along with. With Feelu, kids can feel accompanied as the voice over helps them understand thing better.
  • A place to keep a track of your child’s emotions: Help your child track how he/she has been feeling all through. As a parent, you can log in later and check the progress or the emotional roller coaster your child is going through.
  • Informative: Not only about the feeling, Feelu help in fighting the most deadly norm: Bully. We understand confidence and feel loved and comfortable is very necessary for kids. Thus, we have taken a step to help kids know what to do and how to take things when encountered with such situations.

Last words:

Feelu: an app with a vision to help the child feel surrounded. The place where a kid can explore and get answers to his/her questions.  A place to express and find satisfaction.  Feelu is not the one to take up the space of the counselor or the advisors but definitely a one-stop place to help kids know the various emotions they might be unknown too.