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Chomps is hungry! Help this adorable kitty fatten-up by catching food while avoiding pesky bricks. Gobble power-ups for extra pounds, increased speed and bonus time. Use points to get extra special Power-ups for really high scores in this fast-paced and fun game.

Poor Chomps can’t get into his food bag so has to blow-up the kitchen! Tilt the screen to catch falling Kibble and power-ups. Gain as much weight as possible in 60 seconds. Gobble power-ups to collect Points and help Chomps fill his belly. Donuts are worth extra pounds, peppermints make it rain candy, Tuna cans increase speed and clocks add bonus time. Avoid falling bricks that temporarily stun Chomps. Use your points to get extra special power-ups like the Mega Donut, Candy Bricks and Extra Time. Challenge your friends in Game Center to see who can make Chomps the fattest…and happiest!

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