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FastFeed is a series of iOS app that brings the power of multi-tab into mobile social app. FastFeed for 500px is the newcomer of series, following FastFeed for Tumblr and Instagram. With this app, you’ll meet the best 500px experience ever met.


The Power of Multi-Tab Comes to Mobile App.

Do you remember the thrill when you first use the multi-tab in web browser? It removes the burden of managing windows and gives you a freedom of navigation. The same thing occurs here. FastFeed brings multi-tab to mobile feeds navigation. This will remove repetitive ‘back button’ and gives you a seamless content flow. No more ‘Select->View->Back’, just ‘Select->View’ and ‘Select->View’.

Focused on Content:

Multi-tab bar is located at the bottom of the screen and supports auto-hiding. Although it contains complicated and powerful functions, it is designed as tiny simple bar. Moreover, it is easily disappeared by starting to scroll down. Accordingly, content view is enlarged to the entire screen, the largest content size as possible. This leads to the best environment to concentrate on content.

Seamless content navigation

Content is displayed either grid or flow layout. Grid is best for fast scanning. Flow layout is optimized for full-sized content viewing. Two layout are easily switched by simple tap/swipe gesture. Layout switch always preserves the current reading position. Multi-tab caches last viewed position and layout state. In FastFeed, every content is seamlessly connected and naturally flow.


The Best Feeds App You’ve Ever Met:

FastFeed combines the powerful multi-tab navigation with the simple and intuitive UI. This unique UI can apply to any feed service. First, we show it with FastFeed for Tumblr. And next we proceed with FastFeed for Instagram and for 500px. With the FastFeed, you can enjoy the best feeds app you’ve ever met. Stay tuned on FastFeed.


# Unique multi-tab navigation.
# Every feed link starts in a new feed tab.
# Tapping on the active tab shows the tab menu such as ‘close this’, ‘close all but this’ and ‘tab history’.
# Supports tab control gesture and auto hiding the multi-tab bar.

# Grid/Flow Layout: Both are easily switched by tap/swipe gesture.
# Smart Paging: In flow layout, scrolling intelligently adjust stopping position (scroll down only). Loose or Strict options are available.
# Content view supports both portrait and landscape orientation.
# Universal app that supports both iPhone and iPad.

# Left edge swipe pop up ‘User Menu’.
# Right edge swipe display ‘Explore Menu’.

specifically for 500px

# Photo feed supports ‘category’ filter. Tap the category title at feed menu.
# Search photos by keyword or tag. Supports sorting the result by rating or recent.
# Offers a option for ‘Local NSFW Setting’. It can override the account setting.

Known limitations

# Photo upload is not supported. FastFeed for 500px is intended for viewer only.

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