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People are looking to stay on top of fashion trends all the time. Women are constantly looking for fashion inspiration and outfit ideas online. People have loved shopping for fashion locally from boutique stores in their neighborhood or from boutiques and local fashion designers anytime they visit a new city. Especially now more than ever this trend seems to be catching heat. Until today discovering these online have always been difficult. Most folks are unaware of designer stores located within miles of where they are. Unless you randomly stumble upon a store or hear from a friend about it, chances of you discovering these stores is almost non existent. This changes with The Reel.

The Reel does 3 things:

  1. The Reel helps users Discover and Shop fashion from boutique stores near them.

Discover stored you never knew about in your town or city. Get daily updates from these stores so you never miss that next pretty outfit or a great deal.

Discover fashion outfits from boutique stores all over the world! The Reel partners with influencers and stylists across the world to provide daily outfit inspirations. Follow your favorite boutique stores and influencers and discover your style.

  1. Shopping for Fashion should be a Social Experience 

Users can share outfits on their profile so their friends can view them. This is how users discover outfits in the real world. A friend tells you about a store or an outfit. The Reel lets you do this in an extremely intuitive way.

Users can curate their own shoppable collections and build virtual stores that other users can shop from!

The Reel provides some innovative new ways to interact with influencers and Stores. Users can upload their own styles and tag it to a post, showcasing their own style and in turn inspiring others.

  1. Commission free retail platform.

If you are a Brand or a designer, The Reel provides the only commission free platform of its kind. No commission on sales. No charges to host. We provide a free website at http://shop.thereel.co/yourusername. All you need is a link to purchase or an email address that users can reach you at.

Download: – http://appstore.com/thereel

Sign up free on The Reel and discover the newest boutique stores in your neighborhood. Stay on top of the newest arrivals in store with daily updates. Discover daily outfit inspirations from thousands of stores and influencers around the world.