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Bubble Zoo Rescue 2 is a classic marble-popping game combined with chain reaction elements.

The main objective is to clear strings of moving bubbles along a path by matching groups of three or more bubbles together. If they reach the end of the path, the player loses.
Rescue the farm animals from falling into the cage! Don’t let the evil stranger to kidnap all your precious animals.

What is UNIQUE about this game:
Unlike all other similar games, Bubble Zoo 2 has combined a lot of puzzle and arcade elements in it. Each level has unique mode and goals and has its specifics – some of them require fast reactions and others require to plan every shot. The fun never ends.

# Classic – Clear all the bubbles before they reach the cage.
# Limited time – Complete all goals before you run out of time.
# Limited shots – Complete all goals before you run out of shots.

# Collect Points – Collect the required amount of points
# Collect Colors – Collect the required amount of colors
# Collect Horseshoes – Collect the required horseshoes by making certain Combos

New level goals and modes will be added with upcoming updates.

# Unique levels and challenges
# Score Big Bonuses – Create Combos and generate valuable coins! 5 different combos!
# Different game modes – Classic, Limited time, Limited shots
# Connect with your friends or play alone
# Collect achievements and items
# 7 funny characters to play with
# 7 helpful power ups to help you with challenging levels – stop, reverse, color powder and more
# Daily rewards acquired by Wheel of Fortune and Gifts
# Easy to play, but truly addictive
# FREE updates with new levels and features

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