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Raise fantasy animals in your enchanted forest and nurture them from babies into breathtaking legends!
# COLLECT majestic animals like the Fairy Ferret, Frostfang, Crystal Unicorn, and more! Each has their own unique look and personality. No two are the same!
# BREED beautiful creatures to discover rare hybrids!
# BATTLE your animals to unlock exclusive rewards! Compete in Tournaments or test yourself on the Battlegrounds!
# EVOLVE your creatures from adorable babies into strong and beautiful adults!
# GROW magical fruit for your animals. Feed them and watch them grow!
# DECORATE and personalize your forest with colorful habitats and gorgeous plants!
# STUNNING graphics, animations, and sounds bring your animals to life!
# PLAY with your friends! Gift each other Gems and help raise each other’s creatures!
# FREE updates introduce new fantasy pets, new features, new quests, and more!

Fantasy Forest Story is the BEST creature collecting game for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with more Animals than anyone else!

Which animals will become your favorites? The feisty Firefox, Rampage the rocky ram, the gentle Grassquatch, and many more await you in Fantasy Forest Story!

Fantasy Forest Story is an online only game. Your device must have an active internet connection to Play.

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