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Are you ready to take up the ►BIGGEST CHALLENGE◄ with Mind Wobble? If you think you know it all about your favorite celebrities PLAY NOW! to break the record & get puzzled. With our unique game play you will forget all odd “guess the celebrity” games available in the AppStore. Mind Wobble is a terris & scramble based puzzle game to riddle your celebrity trivia around top actors, activists, business tycoons, musicians, sportsperson & more
You have three unique modes to play which you can switch at anytime during game play

## HURL ME ## Drag and place the correct falling letter at the right place and score points, the less the time you take, more you score

## DROP ME ## Just like terris you have to shift the falling letters in a sequence to complete a celebrity name & score points

## SHUFFLE ME ##  Shuffle the letters and make a correct celebrity name to score points.

# SOCIAL CURRENCY – Impress the people you know with people-you-know-about! You gotta nail every celeb discussions!
# FREE CLUES – Use free clues available which will help you guess the name of a celeb
# PREMIUM CLUES – Use our premium clues (images included) whenever you fail to guess the name of a celeb
# REVEALER – Reveal the complete name of a celebrity and play with an ease if you like less challenge
# PEEK a BOO – Peek in future with upcoming celeb names in a level you are playing, try to remember most of them.
# WILDCARD – Use wildcards to place a letter at it’s correct place & win with ease
# CLEAR A ROW – save extra space in a game play with clear a row feature

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