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Secure and encrypt your valuable passwords, documents, bank account, credit card details and images on your iPhone with biometric facial recognition access and with industry-strength 256-bit data encryption; all in one easy to use application – Welcome to FaceCrypt.

With a host of customisable features, you can use it just as a password manager without needing a password to access, a private photo collection, a safety storage for all your confidential documents – you choose – and of course you can secure the vault as tightly as you need with a selection of locking methods. No other app gives so much choice or flexibility.

Your iPhone is under threat of a data breach every time you use it or lose it. It contains highly sensitive data that can cause a lot of damage if it gets into the wrong hands. From bank details to confidential personal information, these devices store everything important to us. Whether work or personal, its privacy should be first priority.

FaceCrypt addresses the dire need for industry-strength protection by offering enhanced biometric facial recognition technology alongside of pattern and password protection as well as robust data encryption to its Datavault with full and uncompromising backup and restore.

FaceCrypt developers have years of experience building the most versatile and efficient biometric security applications for prisons, governments, police departments, and corporations around the world. These applications are built to identify individuals quickly and securely. With this success behind them, FaceCrypt developers have the pedigree and reputation to now apply this experience to the mobile security industry.


# Multiple access methods – Biometric Facial Recognition, Pattern and Password protection
 for customised locking methods

# Biometric Facial Recognition – ‘live person’ detection for added security

# Optional pattern match and password protection – for further and additional security

# Choose Vault Boxes – select from a choice of box styles to manage passwords, photos, documents or customise with your own criteria

# Password generator – Automatically delivers strong and random pass codes as well as strength tests your current codes
# Industry strength and secure encryption – 256-bit blowfish to protect your FaceCrypt data vault

# Embedded browser with autofill – securely surf and logon to your favourite web sites

# Create, edit and maintain – documents, codes, files and images securely within our highly customizable datavault including Icon generator (PLUS version)

# Full backup and restore – of your data vault without compromise to the encrypted content

# Unlimited entries – be assured of the usability and gain confidence like so many of our happy FaceCrypt users

Vault Boxes

# Passwords – powerful password manager tool, never lose your passwords again, simple customisable data fields + embedded browser with autofill

# Cards & Credentials – store all your private files, credit cards, bank details, original documents, completely customisable data fields to create a database

Documents – import, create and store documents – no database

Photos & Videos – import, create and store all your private pictures

# Notes – create private notes

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