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FaceCap: Emoticons are better when they are of you!

Finally – use your own face instead of the standard emojis built into the iPhone! The process is Simple…take a picture of your hilarious face, use the app’s automatic and manual erasing tools to Remove the background, and you’ll be left with a “floating head” to be pasted into any text, email, or Rebellious message to your boss. Follow your friends to keep tabs on the new faces they create, and Even use their faces in your own messages after adding the ones you like best to your favorites.

** Note: After taking your picture, you’re not done! To remove the background so you’re not just left with an oval cut-out, you need to use the three buttons at the bottom of the screen to erase the background you don’t want included in your emoji. **

## Take a picture of your face or the face of a friend.
## The face is outlined by an oval shape which you can pinch and drag if necessary; the app will start by cropping this oval out from the rest of the image.
## Use the automatic and/or manual erasing tools to remove the rest of the background from your face. (See the in-app Help page if you need assistance!)
## Save the emoji to your collection. Tap on any emoticon to copy it to your clipboard and paste into your texts or emails.
## Friends within the app will be able to view your collection and favorite the ones they like best.
## Add your faces to private categories if you want them hidden from your followers.

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