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Ready to lock up your Facebook Friends?

Become judge and jury with Slammer Slots. Guess which one of your friends most likely committed these WILD crimes. You play with the faces of your REAL friends, meaning the game is UNIQUE to you. Sometimes it’s the person you least expect! Choose to lock em’ up or let em’ loose.

Find out what your friends are really up to!

Slammer Slots! Slots play with a new TWIST!!!

# Facebook Integration – Play with the faces you know
– More customized experience, no two players’ screens will look alike

# Criminal Lock-Up – Send your family and friends to jail
– Animation provides mug shot and jail doors closing

# Jail Terms – Funny, wild crimes that come with stiff penalties
– New twist to classic “person most likely to …” game

# Fan Participation – Send and submit new crimes
– Players can contribute to the play of the game

# Character Voice-overs – British accent
– Provides added flavor and excitement

# Social Networking – Share the guilty verdict with your friends
– Post via Facebook, Twitter, Email, Text

# iTunes Integration – Listen to your favorite songs without leaving the app
– Spin the slots to your iTunes playlist

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