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Extreme Offroad 4×4 SUV HD


First of all, I really love to drive offroad 4×4 suv car. Every Sunday I usually drive my car go down hill to make racing and try to beat new records. That’s my inspriration to make this game. In this game, you can drive offroad car. that is very challenging to complete the level.

How to play
1) You have to select mode to drive. there are two options; using steering wheel or using sensor.
2) Start to drive and try to avoid many pieces of stone. please don’t get hit the stones, if you hit, you will start from beginning point again.
3) Your mission is to find the flag and finish level with limited time. you get more points if you can finish level quickly.
3) This game has 9 levels with 9 different locations

Have Fun with Extreme Offroad 4×4 SUV HD !

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