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Expense Tracker 2.0 Review


What do others say about Expense Tracker 2.0, the best Financial Planner?

Start effective budget planning with best Financial Planner on the go. Manage your expenses directly on your smartphone. Easily keep track of your finances.

Expense Tracker 2.0 is a unique app with In-built Financial Assistant will assist on your Financial Health Status and encourage you to save more every month.

This FREE Budget App for your iPad and iPhone is a MUST, it allows effective budget planning on-the-go with a very user friendly, intuitive interface. Unlock to experience the fullest potential of the app after trying it out for FREE.

Expense Tracker 2.0 is a Personal Finance Manager that shows what are your Individual Expenses every month, Recurring Expenses, Expense Wheel with expense categories, and your Financial Health Status with Advices on how to upsize your Savings.

Key Features
# In-built Financial Assistant
# Passcode Security
# Bird’s eye view – Financial Overview
# Monthly Financial Reports
# Budgeting assistance – Projected savings
# Recurring expenses
# Customization – Themes

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