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ODYSY is dynamic knowledge explorer. It provides fantastic way to surf wikipedia. It is a fascinating app for anyone who wants to be erudite and enjoy dynamic web surfing or both!

ODYSY offers planetarium-style view, ample contents and smooth controls. You can explore the dynamic 3D galaxy consisted of contents from wikipedia. On your journey, you can discover dozens of interesting things.

ODYSY has landed in the sweet spot between learnability and serendipity that keeps online surfing new, fresh, and entertaining. It’s advanced algorithm brings you useful and unexpected materials. And the algorithm is constantly evolving. So you can always discover valuable contents.

We have cutting-edge devices such as iPhone and iPad, but we still surf the web in a traditional way like using general search engines or subscribing. ODYSY is a revolutionary game-changer. It provides unique web surfing experience. It’s beautiful and informative. It stimulates and satisfies your curiosity. Just download ODYSY now and enjoy your web space odyssey!!!

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