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Sick of IDENTICAL bases? Attack all kinds of forts as foes attempt to trap you in MAZES of ICE!

WinterForts: Exiled Kingdom is a new kind of strategic castle-building game where you control a group of exiled warriors in search of revenge against the treacherous Horde. Craft the layout of your fort, send your workers into the wild, harvest meat from dead dragons, join one of eight Houses and raise an army of archers, beasts and undeads to fight in revolutionary battles inspired by tower defense games.

For centuries, the frozen regions of Drahalla have been the scene of epic battles and magical confrontations for the control of resources. The descendant of a line of warrior kings, you fight rival families and barbarian clans to regain possession of your empire. Expanding your kingdom is only the first step–your quest isn’t over until you lead your House to victory and reclaim your rightful throne!

To do this, you’ll:
# PLAY with thousands of other players online and make new friends
# BUILD your own fort into a prosperous and undefeatable fortress
# CRAFT your way through the snow to create a strategic maze of corridors
# GATHER gold nuggets, dragon meat and much more with your workers
# RAID enemy forts in unique battles inspired by tower defense and RTS games
# SWEAR allegiance to one of the 8 Houses of Drahalla and honor your banner
# EXPLORE the world of WinterForts with its legendary lore and fantasy art style

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