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Every day is unique and the only thing that unites them are dreams and goals.

Application Evaluate.Day gives an opportunity to translate your day into the language of figures. You can select criteria that you want to control. The only thing you need is to evaluate daily your day according to the selected criteria. The application will analyse your typed-in information and will also show it visually. On the basis of these data you can plan your working days, weeks and even months more efficiently. You will exactly know which day is suitable for the particular task. Set goals and mark your progress in the way of achieving your goals. Evaluate.Day will be your personal guide in the way of accomplishing assigned tasks.

When creating a criterion you can:
– Give it a name.
– Not all criteria are equally useful, there are those which impact negatively. Mark them.
– Select at what scale do you want to evaluate the criterion. It can be 10-, 100- or 3-point scale.
– Write a comment which will give you more detailed view about criteria.

Add goals to the application
– Set a goal giving it a title.
– Moreover, there is an opportunity to set a finish date (when it should be achieved) of your goal.

Application settings are completed. You can proceed to the evaluation of your days and the subsequent results` analysis.
– Evaluation of the day won`t take much time.
– Choose the color of the day or it`s photo that characterises your day.
– Write memories about this day.
– Evaluate all your criteria.
– Mark those goals for the achievement of which you have something done.

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