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Capturing those special moments and safely saving them for purposes of remembrance could only get better with Step-journal for life app. This is a one-of-a-kind app that enables users to capture their daily happenings. Due to the wide array of features harbored, it’s actually possible to created posts almost instantly. You can relive those special moments through this app that takes snippets from other apps, social media and your iPhone entries and collectively creates a journal and makes the entries on your behalf.

Concept and theme

This app is designed on a very simple concept. The need to save those special moments and relive them any time you wish. You can do this by making daily entries to the Step- journey for life app. it runs on iOS and other android devices.


Importation of social media posts

This application makes use of the popular social media platforms such as Swarm, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for the purposes of importing tagged friends, pictures as well as status messages.

Supports GPS and Geotagging

The GPS and Geotagging feature allows users to indicate the location form, which they are making the journal entries. This is a very importance feature especially for those people who are very keen on details, as this will Help them to save those special moments and the exact same they occurred. However, for those who think that This may be a breach of their privacy, they can tweak the app and its contents and restrict the viewership to you Alone.

Integration with social media

This feature allows its users to conveniently share their journal entries with their trusted friends who are their followers on Facebook, instagram or twitter.

Ease of use

The user interface has been made very to operate even for the novices. The process adding your stuff such as videos, locations and images to your journal is very easy through the easy clicks. In addition, the dashboard enables you to view important life stats. You can view the stats on virtually any aspect of your life.

Functionality and working

The app’s design is inspired by minimalist view. Tiles are organized in a very organized fashion. All you need are just a few clicks and you are good to post and share on social media platforms with your friends. Furthermore, it has been crafted with top-notch architecture to run smoothly and make the posting process a complete success.

What makes it stand out from the rest?

There is no other app that beats it in terms of features and functionality.

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