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Error 53

Many iPhone users were affected by “Error 53”.  Apple now has released a new software update designed to restore iPhones affected by Error 53, a bug encountered when customers had their handsets repaired by non-Apple technicians. iOS 9.2.1 is the same version number released last month, but the updated build from 13D15 to 13D20 reflects the resolution for bricked iPhones.

Fortunately, Apple AAPL -1.92% issued a patch (known as build number 13D20) to its most current mobile operating system — iOS 9.2.1 — today for iPhone users that are dealing with the Error 53 issue. This is not actually a brand new version of the already existing iOS 9.2.1 so you will not see it appear as a Software Update under Settings. But the patch will restore “bricked” iPhones when those handsets are plugged into iTunes. And the patch will also prevent iPhones from becoming “bricked” if it is repaired by non-official technicians in the future. This patch will likely be included when iOS 9.3 is rolled out to the public within the next couple of weeks.

If a non-Apple repairer replaced the button on a damaged iPhone or iPad, a subsequent update of the operating system detected a non-standard component and shut down the device. There was no way to restart it.

Apple recently released a new support page that addresses Error 53. If your device has the Error 53 issue, then you can restore your device by following some easy steps:-

Step 1.) Install the latest version of iTunes

Step 2.) Unplug any iOS devices from your computer.

Step 3.) Ensure you are running the most recent version of iTunes.

Step 4.) Force restart your device (Hold down the Home button and Power button for 30 seconds)

Step 5.) Attempt to restore your device again through iTunes

Step 6.) Contact Apple support if the device restoration does not work