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※Episodes 2 through 5 can be purchased individually or as a set.

There are no “Objections!” to the latest entry in the Ace Attorney series! Become a lawyer and solve the case! Your client’s life is in your hands!

Game Intro

# Point Your Way to Victory #
Simply tap the screen to play. The intuitive interface includes useful features such as a backlog for you to re-read testimony and story dialogue.

# Immersive Investigations #
Freely explore 3D crime scenes for evidence and speak with witnesses for information that you can use in court.

# Fast-Paced, Entertaining Trials #
Dismantle lies and resolve contradictions between witnesses’ words and the evidence. Solve the case and save your client from trumped-up charges!

# Colorful Cast of Characters#
Join Phoenix Wright and his junior lawyers as they confront an all new cast of interesting, amusing, and sometimes outrageous characters. Fan favorites also make their return under some unexpected and unusual circumstances!

# Surprising Twists #
Delight in solving the mysteries and smile at the characters’ amusing and often ridiculous shenanigans. The drama and dialogue will keep you laughing, crying, and guessing until the very end!

# Lighthearted Additional Content #
Dress the three lawyer protagonists up in costumes and use them in the main game for some unintentionally humorous trials!

In addition, try your hand at the extra Special Episode “Turnabout Reclaimed”! Can you successfully defend a wrongfully accused killer killer whale and bring this aquatic punk pirate show to a happy end?

# iCloud Support #
Transfer your save data between multiple iOS devices to play wherever and whenever you want!

# The story in this game is the same as in previous releases

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With fluid navigation, interactive 3D and dynamic music, Upgrade Soul tells the story of Hank and Molly Nonnar, wealthy science buffs who decide to fund a risky, experimental therapy to rejuvenate the human body, with only one condition: that they be first in line to receive it. When dangerous complications develop… the battle for psychological dominance begins.

=>Uniquely immersive
=>Smooth, seamless navigation
=>Native multi-panel experience without awkward panning and zooming
=>Glasses-free interactive 3D on select panels
=>Rich, dynamic score that you perform as you read
=>Great experience when mirrored to Apple TV
=>Behind the scenes extras and unlockable content

=> Requires at least an iPad 2, iPad mini, iPhone 4, or iPod touch (5th gen). <=

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