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enJoy Converter App


EnJoy Converter is simple units and currency converter for an Apple mobile devices

# Search: find units by name. Find currency by code, currency name or country
# Automatic currency adjustment option
# Automatic choose the last category to launch the app with
# Don’t use autoupdate of currencies rate (for most actual info)
# Calculator at hand : + – Ă— Ă·
# Simple management of user favorites
# 20 free color themes

# Measurement units – 37 categories with 518 units:
Acceleration,Amount of Substance,Angle,Area,Astronomical,Blood Sugar,Capacitance,IT Computer Data Storage,Cooking,IT Data Transfer,Density,Dynamic Viscosity,Electric Charge,Electrical resistance,Energy and Work,Force,Illuminance,Inductance,Length,Luminance,Luminous Energy,Luminous Intensity,Magnetic Field,Magnetic Field Strength,Magnetic Flux,Magnetomotive Force,Metric,Molar Mass,Power,Pressure,Radioactive Decay,Radioactivity Equivalent Dose,Speed,Temperature,Time,Volume,Weight and Mass
# Clothing sizes – 15 categories with 70 units:
Women’s Clothing Sizes,Women’s Dresses and Suits Sizes,Women’s Blouses,Women’s Shoes,Men’s Clothing Sizes,Men’s T-shirts Sizes,Men’s Dress Shirts Sizes,Men’s Jeans and Pants Waist Shirts Sizes,Men’s Jeans and Pants Length Sizes,Men’s Socks Sizes,Mens Underwear Size,Mens Hats Sizes,Men’s Shoes Sizes,Children’s Clothing Sizes,Children’s Shoes Sizes
# Currency – 239 currencies

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