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JustOut News customizes credible news for the users; this helps each one of you to have ears to the ground.

In an age when Whatsapp forwards are carried as news without verification, here is a digital news product which brings out credible news curated by professional journalists; That is JustOut News for you.   The users don’t have to deal with information overload. We, at “JustOut News”, understand that you are unique and your time is precious; our journalists keep you in mind as they curate news that matters to you. We provide credible news in English and Tamil. This digital news product reinvents journalism with its original rigor. Stay with “JustOut News” for reliable news around you.

JustOut News Features:

JustOut News understands that there are a wide variety of media organizations such as The Hindu, The Indian Express, The Wire, NDTV which take so much of effort to provide people with credible news on developments around us; Our team of journalists appreciate the good work done by journalists in other media organizations and take extra care to curate the news from a vast set of news sources. The first and foremost duty of journalism is to the public. JustOut News team appreciate this fact and put people first in their everyday work.

The selection of news from varied credible sources is done with the users in mind; JustOut News ensures that the options for the users are quite diverse. The technocrats, designers and visualization team at JustOut News are working to ensure a seamless and pleasant user experience.


JustOut News is a must-have news app for those who wish to separate signal from the noise; Here, you get to see only the truth. There is no room for misinformation in this credible news product.

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