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If Indian cooking is your passion or a necessity or willingness to try out the cuisines from your India, I am sure you would have faced one of the following situation before.

a) You are not aware of English names of “masalas” which are listed in recipe books or websites. So you can read them but cannot make sense out of them

b) For Indians not living here and non- Indian , they can read them and understand them but when you go out to buy them it is difficult to explain them to the shopkeeper.

c) For people whose first language is not English, it is very difficult to know what these masala’s are .

Solution to your entire problem is Masala Pedia. A unique iPhone application helping you translate masala  (spice) name to English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

So cooking Indian food is going to be easy with Masala Pedia.
The lite version is free for all with 20 masala (spice) names, that  can really come in handy when you are cooking or shopping.

Enjoy the application and let us know your thoughts to improve it.

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