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How to Play:

Cops are running behind you, steal all the cash and escape like an amazing thief. Run through the bank and rob all the cash and escape the building without getting busted. If you get busted then you will go to jail.


The amazing thief rush is a fun robbery game in this game you are a crazy robber and you will rob different banks. This amazing game is having 30 exciting robbing levels in which you rob different high security banks. This game contains a well defined economy where you can buy special features with stolen money. Features include boost and stealth for surviving in extreme missions.


# 30 exciting robbery levels.
# Virtual currency for buying exciting features.
# Improve your robber by purchasing boost and stealth with virtual currency.
# Now challenge your friends and gain top positions in game center.
# New and amazing game play different than any other runner game.
# Simple and smooth touch for game play.

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