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Get Animated Emoji and Gif making with ARmojiX for iPhoneX

When iPhone X was launched, APPLE brought an impressive Animoji to showcase iPhone X’s latest True Depth technology. The war between 2D Emoji and the future 3D Animoji has just begun.

Although Samsung is not far behind, it launched the “AR Emoji” on the S9 to try to confront it. But without the support of True Depth cameras, the effect of “AR Emoji” is far inferior to that of Animoji.

For a long time, Animoji is unique to the popular iPhone X until ARmoji X appears. ARmoji X may be the world’s first third-party Animoji app for iPhone X, is currently ranked in the APPSTORE more than 20 countries around the world. It is also based on iPhone X’s True depth technology and can only run on iPhone X. Of course, in addition to having the same features as Animoji, it has more extensions and openness.

Emoji and GIF are a great way to express more feelings in a text message. These types of icons are making an impression on the reader. Not only in the personal life but also it is important in the professional life. It’s one of the easiest ways to show the hidden feelings too. It is also said that “You Have Never Fully Complete without Smile.” With the time, the traditional way of making smiley’s and emoji now there are inbuilt icons for the same.

In today’s world of technology, there are so many platforms i.e. mobile apps that provide this type of service based on 2D camera technology. Apple’s animoji started a new era of 3D True depth cameras, and then we saw followers like ARmoji X. True Depth will change the entire mobile ecosystem in the near future. Apple once again comes to the forefront. We can expect more products similar to ARmoji X to appear and feel “future technology”.

This app is a great way to feel the power of latest technology such as ARkit, True Depthietc for Phone X. It is providing a great option to make stickers & faces realistic. It is specially made for those who love to be creative.

Top Features:

  • Different types of more than 12 types of AR Emoji
  • Video recording up to 4 minutes
  • Recording of 10 seconds GIF
  • Customize the emoji
  • Highlight different effects
  • Sharing on the social platform
  • Switching between head mode and a full body mode

This app is a platform for message sharing, generating GIF & recording videos. Sharing of short videos with your friends is A Piece of Cake through this app. While recording, don’t forget to focus on the iPhone X storage capacity.

The process of using one iPhone X recording Karaoke:

  • Open the ARmoji X Gold.
  • Open the favorite music software to select a favorite song
  • Now to start recording video, switch to the app
  • In case if the video recording is too long then it may take long time

Availability: The app is available at App store for iPhoneX device.

Price: The app is free to download but there is some in-app purchasing.

Important Note: This App is supporting only iPhone X

Just wait for more as future features are coming soon. All this will include 3D face generation, voice control and many more.

Verdict: If you want to get great Emoji and animated GIF then ARmojiX is for you. This app is having all the features that provide a great way. It’s a party time for the face. Add Emoji to your message and leave an impression.