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Website promotion and advertising of goods and services have reached a new level. Active consumers spend most of their time on the internet. To effectively promote your business, you need to use digital promotion technologies. And taking into account the peculiarities of user behavior is key.

In today’s world, ways of influencing potential consumers are changing rapidly. Digital Marketing has become one of the most popular methods in recent years. It is capable of not only collecting accurate and objective information about the target audience but also to track the results of brand or product promotion.

Digital marketing is the new science that is being shaped in front of our eyes. The knowledge of digital marketing basics helps to sell products and services to internet users. This makes specialists in this sphere especially valuable.

10 Ways Digital Marketing Can Help You in Any Career

This type of marketing covers literally everyone who uses the internet. From seniors using social media to connect with their kids to social media influencers. The audience is ever-growing. This approach even allows attracting an offline audience to the online market. For example, when you invite a friend to an event, such as a business breakfast, via email.

Digital marketing allows you to collect clear statistics about users, as almost all actions online are taken into account by special services. As a result, conclusions about the effectiveness of individual channels and the portrait of the consumer are more accurate.

When the data has already been collected, it should be analyzed by experts. If you are not an expert, it is better to seek the services of companies such as Essay Pro. You can get help from someone who understands digital marketing and can make extensive analysis. Sometimes it’s worth delegating some work to other people.

So, here are ten various ways digital marketing can help you in any career: 

  1. Blogging 

Thanks to the continued success of YouTube, Instagram Stories and Snapchat, video blogs are more popular than ever.

Different from other types of video content, such as humor or short films, vlogs are more personal. Vloggers communicate directly with the viewer (PewDiePie style). They create a deeper connection, which can benefit marketers trying to establish a stronger relationship with their customers.

So, if you have a small business and want to connect with your consumers, consider vlogging. Show your potential customers how your product or service gets created, and the process behind it. People appreciate it when the brand owner is willing to get closer and has nothing to hide. Transparency is key nowadays.

  1. VR and AR 

AR (augmented reality) is a medium that helps transform our surroundings into a digital environment.

Augmented reality operates in the existing conditions and applies new images over them. This makes the biggest difference with virtual reality because it creates an entirely new atmosphere. It can be a completely made-up world or a simulation of a common situation.

The new technology has facilitated AR availability, making it accessible through a smartphone. That streamlined the development of a whole variety of augmented reality applications.

Brands are actively using and will continue to use virtual and augmented reality. For example, the augmented reality app IKEA Place allows you to put furniture in an apartment before buying it.

  1. Contextual Advertising 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are designed to simplify your work, including optimizing online advertising campaigns.

Advertising, media buying, customer orientation can all be handled by the software. Not only you get more accurate results, but outsourcing these tasks to a bot also spares you time for more important tasks.

Software such as Adobe Marketing Cloud or SmartyAds can help you navigate your online advertising. Real-time bets can be stressful and time-consuming. Not to mention finding suitable ways to advertise.

  1. Email Marketing 

Email marketing is still as viable as ever. According to Oberlo, almost half of the world’s population uses email. This makes it one of the most efficient tools in reaching your audience.

Instead of abandoning this useful channel, digital marketers are reviving it with new attributes. Recently, we have seen a decline in emails and newsletters. In their place are great, perfectly illustrated emails that look like a web designer’s portfolio.

Digital Marketing

  1. SMM – Promotion in Social Networks 

As in the past year, Instagram and Facebook have been the focus of most marketing strategies. Due to the rapid development and constant innovation, Instagram is expected to become the new marketplace. Facebook, of course, is not losing its grip. However, if you’re trying to reach a younger audience, consider posting more Insta-stories.

  1. SMS/MMS Mailing, and WOW Calls 

It will help you to capture those people that you can’t get through the internet. Here, you can find big data on the US phone numbers. It is also important not to disturb people’s space too often. Installing branded applications or organizing WOW calls to the phone now is becoming more popular than SMS or MMS.

  1. Advertising in the App Store 

AppStore has its promotion mechanisms: ratings, reviews, popularity, phishing. First of all, you need to qualitatively design the product page. Advertising text, screenshots, videos, working with ratings and reviews – it all affects success. Consider working with a professional designer before launching an app. The last thing you want is people not using a perfectly designed app due to an uninviting icon.

  1. Billboards and Self-Service Ads Gadgets 

Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals. We often come across them in shops, on the street, and even in subway cars. It is a kind of digital media that gradually displaces standard outdoor advertising, because it allows us to interact more closely with the consumer and catch them by a message or, as POS terminals, help in making purchases.

Devices that can collect information and transfer it to other media are also useful in this field. For example, smartwatches, oculus rift glasses, fitness bracelets etc.

  1. SEO and SEM – Network Search Engine Marketing 

Search engine optimization of your site (aka SEO) will help you take a higher position in the search engine output. This increases the volume of organic (free) traffic.

Tools for SEO: 

  • websites;
  • blogs;
  • infographics
  1. Digital Television 

With each year passing, digital TV more firmly compresses analog and gradually integrates with internet applications. Even now you can use the TV to go to your Facebook page, watch a video on Vimeo or find out the latest news.

The main point is integration with applications on the phone, second screen technology, synchronization with internet advertising.


Outdoor advertising and analog television are losing ground faster every day. The internet provides endless opportunities for growth and development of any type of business.

Detailed analytics and the opportunity to reach a wide audience, without borders, speak about the total advantage of digital marketing. And this is more and more often proved in practice by companies from different industries.

So if you are not yet using these tools in your business, you should think about revising your approaches and start right now.

There are a lot of advertising agencies that you can turn to for help. But this does not mean that you cannot master all aspects of digitized marketing on your own. All you need is time and desire.