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Lots of cute action with amazing 3D graphics and a new type of gameplay! Take control over the forces of the universe to help a group of cows that inhabit a small planet, and keep them safe from all the dangers in a dreamy galaxy.

# Help this soft creatures reach their destination.
# Protect the cows from enemies, meteors, and other dangers in the planet.
# You are able to use lots of awesome power ups: rocks, meteors, ice to defend your cows from nasty enemies.
# Non-standard gameplay, in which you use a swipe mechanic to control your planet and make use of nature’s power.
# Amazing art and 3D graphics, retina ready, powered by Unreal Engine 3.
# Unlockable unique-looking planets and levels.
# Nice music composed by an alternative indie band.
# Unlock many different types of cows to have a personalized planet!
# Simple User Interfaces, suitable for everyone.

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