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Your child’s education doesn’t have to stop after school. These games made for your iPhone and iPad Will keep your youngster’s mind active outside the …..ios app spy .Share Best Educational Apps For Kids

1.  Endless Alphabet :-

*From the team at Originator – the creators of Sesame Street’s Monster at the End of This Book, and Another Monster at the End of This Book. Originator is a team of passionate artists and engineers Dedicated to the best education+entertainment apps for kids. We hope you enjoy playing with Endless Alphabet as much as we enjoy making it.*

Set the stage for reading success with this delightfully interactive educational app. Kids will have a Blast learning their ABC’s and building vocabulary with the adorable monsters in Endless Alphabet. Each word features an interactive puzzle game with talking letters and a short animation illustrating The definition. Before you know it, your child will be using words like gargantuan and cooperate !!!!

Endless Alphabet Download Now on ($6.99) App Store

2. Comics In The Classroom :-

Includes three free demos! Comics in the Classroom is a revolutionary and exciting way to learn about History’s key figures and events. These may be comics, but they’re not like any you’ve seen before. You don’t just see how things unfold – you get involved! First, hear how it happened. Then see the Stunning comic images bring it to life – but what goes in the bubbles is down to you. Find the right Words and unlock your understanding!
Hear how the famous events of history unfold with our literacy-boosting read-along feature. Written by the author of several of Britain’s most popular Secondary School History text books, it will equip You with all you need for the comic challenges ahead.

Comics In The Classroom  Download Now on (Free) App Store

3. My First 101 Words  :-

Learn English with the bestselling “My First 101 Words” Video App. A fun, interactive and educational app for teaching toddlers, non-English speakers and people with learning difficulties, their first 101 words in English.

A boy called Abe and a girl called Myrelle take the user through a series of videos which teaches the User different words. The words have been selected to include nouns and verbs found in resources Supporting pre-school speech and language development. Each word is either an object or an action Which can be represented accurately and concisely through the medium of video.
Each word is demonstrated with the appropriate action or object and the words are then spoken by Abe or Myrelle. The word is repeated in a voiceover as the word appears written on the screen.

There is a ‘play all’ option and a ‘shuffle’ option for the videos. In the standard ‘play all’ option the videos are played in a sequence (words are grouped accordingly) and the user can either replay the Video (‘replay’ button) or proceed to the next one (‘next’ button). In the ‘shuffle’ option the order of Words is random but the app uses the same menu system of ‘replay’ and ‘next’. The menu system uses The entire screen so that toddlers can easily navigate their way around the app

1000 Download Now on ($1.99)  App Store

4. Mystery Math Town for iPhone :-

Your mission: Help a friendly and curious little ghost rescue the fireflies that are hidden in Mystery Math Town. Players use math skills to unlock rooms and passages on their enchanting journey. Along the way, you can also earn talking portraits of the townspeople for your Gallery. Every picture has a story to tell and the colorful cast of characters in this town have plenty to say.

# Math practice integrated with a rich, immersive game experience
# Multiple user accounts – create your own avatar

Mystery Math Town for iPhone  Download Now on ($1.99) App Store

5. Kids’ Vocab :-

Now kids can build vocab anywhere, anytime, all while having fun. With 9 addictive games designed to help understand words rather than just memorize them, our Kids’ Vocab app will broaden kids’ Vocabularies and sharpen their reading & writing skills. There’s only one rule: no boring flash cards Allowed.

Just like in our Parents’ Choice Award-winning SAT Vocab app, the games in Kids’ Vocab focus on Different aspects of vocabulary development. Each lesson features new words and phrases while Teaching spelling, usage and pronunciation. In other words, vocabularies everywhere are about to hit a major growth spurt.

Kids' Vocab logo  Download Now on ($1.99) App Store

6. Symmetry School :-

Geometry, the mathematics of shape and space, is a fun and practical way to introduce mathematical Thinking, and Symmetry School encourages learners to use their intuition and imagination to explore Symmetrical puzzles. Through gameplay, learners are aided in developing an essential foundation in Spatial reasoning, problem solving and visualization.

Suitable for home or school use, Symmetry School has been developed in-line with international Curriculum requirements for short-form K-12 learning. Symmetry School fits easily into the classroom Time period and each app purchase provides access to a supporting Whiteboard version for teachers. There are supplemental print activities available to download, as well as a handy ‘Email Your Result’ Module used for homework activities.

Symmetry School   Download Now on ($3.99) App Store

7. Kids Learn Mandarin Free :-

Kids Learn Mandarin is a fun, educational game that will teach your child to speak, write and read over 200 Mandarin Chinese Words.

Kids Learn Mandarin Free includes the Numbers lesson: 8 fun Games, 1 Movie, and 20 collectible Stickers – Free. Eleven additional Chinese lessons can be purchased separately or complete.
Produced in partnership by the Digital Learning Company and Fingerprint Digital, The Full Kids Learn Mandarin Game is a comprehensive and curricular approach to kids’ Chinese learning, teaching over 240 Mandarin words through playful and progressive games and activities. Pei Pei the Panda hosts The language-learning adventure, which includes 9 fun and unique games like Turtle Hop, Balloon Pop and Shooting Hoops. Each game is designed to help children ages 2-8 achieve mastery over key Chinese vocabulary. Each lesson also features a Music Video, Chinese Character Writing Practice and a Playground that kids can decorate with Stickers they earn as they play.

Kids Learn Mandarin Free Download Now on (Free) App Store

8. On Beyond Bugs! :-

The Cat in the Hat is your tour guide as you learn all there is to know about insects! Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary, and personalize the story with your own narration. Come along and see how These fascinating six-legged creatures, from butterflies and crickets to fireflies and honeybees, inhabit our environment and make everything better for the world around us.

On Beyond Bugs  Download Now on ($5.99) App Store

9. Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles 123 :-

Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles 123 is the exciting all new addition to the popular jigsaw puzzles series, this Time featuring all kinds of cool and wacky creatures that roam the earth. Play and learn the names of More than 40 animals, as always accompanied by a friendly voice over, encouraging feedback and Helpful hints along the way………

Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles 123 Download Now on ($1.99) App Store

10. Little Red Riding Hood by Nosy Crow :-

Welcome to Little Red Riding Hood – What’s YOUR version of the story?
Our Little Red Riding Hood app is a completely new take on the classic fairytale: for the first time ever, Users can create their own story by choosing from multiple paths along the way, resulting in a new, Fully-animated adventure with different endings every time.
Built with an innovative, user-generated narrative structure that immerses a child in the story, Little Red Riding Hood re-invents interactive storytelling. Readers play games to help Little Red Riding Hood Collect three different objects in the course of her journey through the woods, choosing what items to gather at forks in the path. These objects determine how Little Red Riding Hood defeats the Big Bad Wolf and saves Grandma.
Little Red Riding Hood by Nosy Crow  Download Now on ($4.99) App Store



Why You Should Try It: If You’re A Teacher, You Don’t Need This One Explained.

Mobile Apps Can Be A Life-Saver, But The Cost Of Buying Them Can Add Up. These Top 10 Mobile Apps Aren’t Just Educational — They’re Download On Your Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch

The 10 Best Free Education Apps For iPad

1:- Google Maps

The Google Maps App For Iphone And Ipad Makes Navigating Your World Faster And Easier. Find The Best Spots In Town And The Information You Need To Get There.

Google Maps logog  Download Now on  (Free) App Store

2:- BrainPOP Featured Movie

Bring Learning To Your Fingertips™ With The Brainpop Featured Movie App For The Ipad, Iphone, And Ipod Touch. Watch A Different Animated Movie Every Day, Then Test Your New Knowledge With An Interactive Quiz – Free!

BrainPOP Featured Movie logog  Download Now on (Free) App Store


3:- Evernote

Evernote Is An Easy-To-Use, Free App That Helps You Remember Everything Across All Of The Devices You Use. Stay Organized, Save Your Ideas And Improve Your Productivity. Evernote Lets You Take Notes, Snap Photos, Create To-Do Lists, Scan Business Cards, Record Voice Reminders–And It Makes Everything Searchable, Whether You Are At Home, At Work, Or On The Go

Evernote  logog Download Now on (Free) App Store


4:- See.Touch.Learn.

A Picture Card Learning System Replaces All Your Physical Flash Cards. Award Winning, Easy To Use And Chosen By Over 400,000 People In 104 Countries! Create Custom Lessons Using The Starter Library, Or Purchase Any Of 50 Individual Libraries With Over 4,400 Pictures And 2,200 Exercises Developed By Professionals. Subscribe To The Brain Parade Community For Access To Thousands More Lessons Shared By Your Peers Around The Globe.

Untitleaaaad  Download Now on (Free) App Store



Edmodo Makes A Teacher’s Daily Life Easier By Providing A Safe And Easy Way For Teachers And Students To Engage And Collaborate For Free, Anytime, Anywhere.

Edmodo logog Download Now on (Free) App Store


6:- Kindle – Read Books, eBooks, Magazines, Newspapers & Textbooks

The Kindle App Is Optimized For The Ipad, Iphone, And Ipod Touch, Giving Users The Ability To Read Kindle Books, Newspapers, Magazines, Textbooks And Pdfs On A Beautiful, Easy-To-Use Interface. You’ll Have Access To Over 1,000,000* Books In The Kindle Store Plus Hundreds* Of Newspapers And Magazines. Amazon Whispersync Automatically Syncs Your Last Page Read, Bookmarks, Notes, And Highlights Across Devices (Including Kindle), So You Can Pick Up Your Book Where You Left Off On Another Device..

Kindle – Read Books logogDownload Now on (Free) App Store

7:-Duolingo – Learn Languages for Free

PC Magazine Editors’ Choice For Language Learning: “Among Iphone Apps For Learning Or Practicing A Language, You Can’t Beat Duolingo.”

Duolingo - Learn Languages for Free logog Download Now on (Free) App Store

8:-Toy Story 2 Read-Along


Toy Story 2 Read-Along  logog    Download Now on (Free) App Store


9:-Google Earth

Fly Around The Planet With A Swipe Of Your Finger With Google Earth For Iphone, Ipad, And Ipod Touch. Explore Distant Lands Or Reacquaint Yourself With Your Childhood Home. Search For Cities, Places, And Businesses

google-earth-icon  Download Now on (Free) App Store



Ibooks Is An Amazing Way To Download And Read Books. Ibooks Includes The Ibooks Store, Where You Can Download The Latest Bestselling Books Or Your Favorite Classics – Day Or Night. Browse Your Library On A Beautiful Bookshelf, Tap A Book To Open It, Flip Through Pages With A Swipe Or A Tap, And Bookmark Or Add Notes To Your Favorite Passages.

iBooks logog   Download Now on (Free)App Store



You Can Develop Your Kids Skills  And Derive Pleasure From it. Here Are Best iPhone Apps For Getting New Skills And Improving Them

1:-Green Eggs and Ham – Dr. Seuss

Join Sam-I-Am In This Interactive Book App As He Offers His Friend Green Eggs And Ham Here And There And Everywhere! Explore Pictures, Learn New Vocabulary, And Personalize The Story With Your Own Narration. Will Sam-I-Am Get His Friend To Try Green Eggs And Ham?

Green Eggs and Ham logog Download Now on ($3.99) App Store


2:-Fish School HD

A Playful Underwater Experience With 8 Educational Activities, This Award-winning App Teaches Letters, Numbers, Shapes, Colors and More. Watch Colorful Fish Create Letters; Recognize Numbers And Learn to Count From 1 to 20; Follow The Fish As They Form Shapes

Fish School HD - by Duck Duck Moose logog Download Now on ($1.99) App Store


3:-ABCmouse.com Zoo Set 1

This Zoo App Is An Amazing New Way To Explore Animals For Kids. With Unique Features, Realistic Animals And Setting, Engaging Art, And High Quality Narration And Music, This App Will Be A Favorite For Kids Of All Ages.

ABCmouse.com Zoo Set 1 logog  Download Now on (Free) App Store

4:- Balloony Word Pro

Kids Will Discover Dolch Sight Words, Animal And Fruit Names, Grade Appropriate Common Words, Elementary Science Terms And Much More, While Having Fun Popping A Few Balloons Along The Way!

Balloony Word Pro  logog  Download Now on ($1.99) App Store

5:- Stack the States™

Stack The States™ Makes Learning About The 50 States Fun! Watch The States Actually Come To Life In This Colorful And Dynamic Game!

Stack the States logog  Download Now on ($0.99) App Store

6 :- Math Easy HD – 10 steps learning game to teach kids math!

10 Steps Learning Game With Vivid Animations To Teach Kids Math From Onelamp! Make Learning Math Easy And Entertaining For Your Children With Math Easy HD

Math Easy HD  logog  Download Now on ($1.99) App Store


7:- Time, Money & Fractions On-Track

Prepare Your Child For School Using Trusted Educational Content. School Zone Publishing Company Has Been Creating Children’s Educational Products For Over 30 Years.

Time Money  logogDownload Now on ($4.99) App Store

8:- The Electric Company Wordball!

Hey You Guyyyyys! Let’s See Your Mad, Mad Word Skills! Look Out For Wordballs And Catch Them If You Can… As You Groove To 9 Game-Enhanced Music Videos Starring Ne-Yo, Jimmy Fallon, Lin-Manuel Miranda, And Your Favorite Characters From The Electric Company.

The Electric Company Wordball! logog Download Now on (Free) App Store