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For the first time ever a user will be able to naturally monetize their social media posts!

It’s a simple way to share pictures socially that allows you to make and save money while doing it. You can simply tag pictures you share with products connected to our over 19,000+ retailers. Retailers like Amazon, Rakuten, Sony, Auchan, 1&1, Target, Beauty.com, Barneys New York, Sears, Expedia, Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, Lowes, Staples, Walmart, Zappos, Tesco, Newegg, REI, Caesars Entertainment, Neiman Marcus and thousands more. Share your photo’s with your friends on Facebook and Twitter from the Leafit app. You will also see Leafs (what we call posts) that are posted by your friends on this social network. You will be able to shop our retailers through the Leafs you and your friends share. Make money and save money with Leafit while doing what you already do.


# Creating a Leaf is simple. You can do it by taking a picture, using your camera roll or searching an online image.
# Buying from a Leaf is as simple as clicking a link. That’s right! From a Leaf that you created or a Leaf # created by someone else you’ll easily be able to click the link at the bottom of the picture to search the tagged image.
# Wishlisting is great for the holidays and any day. Your wishlist will allow you to save something for later and the great part is all your friends will see your wishlist as well.
# Commenting on a Leaf brings a social atmosphere to the network allowing people to talk about anything they want including how cool the product tagged in the picture is. It’s like getting real reviews from your friends all day long on the things you want to shop for.
# Credit Earned is a unique feature that allows you to see the money you’re making from your commissions. That’s right we pay you a commission on every single product that sales from your pictures.
# Instant Sharing to Facebook and Twitter so that you can use this network for all your photo sharing while getting the picture out to your friends on other social networks so you’re not wasting time.
Unlimited Uploads are allowed so upload as much of whatever you want and have fun.
And so much more to come!

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