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Token is a simple and beautiful currency converter! Easy Convert to and from more than 1,000 digital currencies. Monitor the cryptocurrency market trading data with the latest and most accurate prices – in no time.

Cryptocurrencies are currently in boom and it is widely used all across the globe. Hence knowing the status of it is very much important. It offers complete cryptocurrency management with the help of easy to use tools, which can easily help you to know your cryptocurrency investment. The application helps you to track the cryptocurrency market and it gives you the much-needed details. You can easily convert from 1,000 digital currencies in profoundly a short span of time. You would be getting the accurate and latest prices in no time.

The token is a reliable application, which is simple and quite easy to use. It comes up with a great user interface that will help you to convert digital currencies easily and quickly. It is currently available in iOS store and hence it is recommended to download it so that you don’t miss out on the information related to cryptocurrencies.

The token application is equipped with a lot of exciting features that are certainly going to excite you.  You would be able to perform a quick search for any given cryptocurrency and get the desired result. One of the very good features of this application is it can be used in offline mode and hence you can use it without having an Internet connection. Moreover, you are not required to sign-in as well and you can simply use all the functionality once you have downloaded it. If you are having a list of favorite cryptocurrencies, then you can create one as per the need that you may be having. The application is very simple and it can be used by anyone without having any prior knowledge. It is also equipped with a feature that will help you get the name of all the popular digital currencies across the globe. It will also provide you with the live updates on the currency conversation rate and hence you would be equipped with the latest changes.

Token helps you with the insights about the crypto market giving you the accurate prices in a very short period of time. The application can also help you to track The Cryptocurrency Market with a click of a button.  It has a set of tools, which would give you the market information about digital currencies all at one place. So, don’t hold back and get this fantastic application now.

Download now: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/token-cryptocurrency-convert/id1348249270