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Dystopia Desolation APP REVIEW


Indulged in the idea of Pokemon Go for horror fans, if not then you can now!

Werewolves, Zombies, Vampires & more are breaking down the barrier between their world and yours. It’s your mission to hunt them down, level them up and battle others with your ferocious monster army!

In this new augmented reality horror game we put the monsters in your streets, your parks, the woods nearby and if you dare seek them out, in the graveyard down the road.

Birds Nest Apps is a new self-funded start-up of just my self, so please support with developing the Dystopia franchise. Further developments to include PVP battles outside portal points, enhanced gameplay, VR version and Trading Card Game.

Will you capture and rule all of the Dystopian races or be a master of one ultimate legion?!

# When using the orbs to capture Dystopians use continuous quick short flicks on the screen on the monster to maximize your chances of capturing them.
# On the map view hold one finger on screen and slide with another to view around your map.
# To acquire magic dust through gameplay you need to capture monsters, level up your avatar and trade captured monsters in.
# To acquire orbs through gameplay you need to visit checkpoints in your area.
# You gain experience to level up your avatar by capturing monsters, leveling them up, evolving them and winning battles.
# In-App purchases are included in the game to purchase more orbs and magic dust to level up your avatar and monsters faster.
# All monsters have different power multipliers when leveling up and there is a hierarchy to it, so some monsters will level up with more power than others. You can strategize how powerful your monster squad is at Dystopia.RIP.
# The most awesome monsters you can get in the game that start off with a higher power appear on your map when your avatar reaches certain levels. To get the ultimate monsters you need to level up your avatar!

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