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DuoPix App


Welcome to DuoPix – the #1 photo comparison app that allows you to compare two pictures by placing

them side by side. It helps you easily capture the ‘before and after’, ‘then and now’, ‘this and that’, ‘with

and without’ and other such moments.

Special Features of DuoPix-

• Upload from gallery or click your own photo for Top|Bottom and Left|Right comparison of two


• Add predefined or custom text captions

• Share your DuoPix pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, SMS or Save it in your gallery

DuoPix serves several purposes-

• Before | After comparison:

You can place two pictures side by side to show your weight loss, hair growth, growth spurts,

beard growth and many more.

• Then | Now comparison:

Quickly compare results of a makeover, see how your kids have grown over the years or just

create a humorous comparison for fun.

• This | That comparison:

Simply upload or share your photo comparison pictures and take suggestions from friends, or

maybe ask about vacation choices. For example, you can place a picture of a blue colored dress

next to a red colored dress and ask your friends to take a call

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