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Droppy Up Review


Prepare to discover a beautiful macro world. You will become our lovable hero, a tiny drop of rain. It is your mission to rise higher and higher, jumping from one leaf to another. On your way you will encounter the unusual inhabitants of this amazing world. They are the obstacles you must overcome in your journey. As you go you will collect different bonuses and find the solutions to interesting puzzles.

#Unique, intuitive gameplay!
# Marvelous design!
# Magical world with amazing creatures!
# Original, wonderful sound-design!
# Simple controls!
# Based on the physics of the interaction of objects!
# Intelligible logic!
# 60 levels with different degrees of difficulty!
# Original soundtrack as a gift for all those who purchased the game!
# Good for all ages and all levels of game experience!

Use your skills with attention and precision to speed you through the game and receive not only the triumph of completing the mission, but also a special reward at the end.
Experienced gamers will be able to try their hand at setting the world record for the number of points and the speed of completing the game.

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