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Drop The Ball

There is nothing more fun than playing games on mobile. It is one of the most adopting methods in today’s time to refresh the mind. Thanks to the technology for the same. There are thousands of games which vary with different categories. But the aim of all the games is same i.e. providing entertainment and that’s what BBall is offering.

It’s a simple plus first arcade game that is offering real money. The concept of this game is easy i.e. preventing the ball drop to make the score. The player needs to make a full focus on the ball. Like this, one can improve the concentration power so this also yields benefit to the player. It’s a good thing when a game is providing some extra benefit along with fun and entertainment.

Features of BBall game:

  • Easy to play
  • Tournament option
  • Leaderboard
  • Addictive strategy
  • Colourful graphics
  • Chance to win real money in Euro

The playing concept is easy. One needs to move the device to control the ball. There will be blue and yellow colour slabs which will move upward side. Don’t let the ball move in the same direction along with slab and make sure the ball continuously be on a slab. Drop the ball in such way that it comes on next slab. So in simple words, one needs to bring the falling ball into the red zone. Just make full concentration on the ball because this is only an object which can help in gaining points.

It’s an addictive game, once started it will compel to play it again and again. This game is developed with focusing the user’s choice and that’s the reason no complex strategy is added in it. BBall is simple and sober game to provide more and more fun. No more complexity & no more violence in the game. Bounce the ball and make real money. Kids and adults both can play this, to make their mind refresh.

Availability: Android platform

Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Poletti.Bball


Download BBall and play with the ball to make the score. Say goodbye to the boring enemy in your leisure time and join hands with this game. It can be a good friend of once. Play the game to gain the entertainment. Now earning real cash prize is not A hot potato at all. Just use your android device to reach that. What can be the best thing in comparison to this?

For more information on this, kindly contact on poletti21@gmail.com