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Automatic mileage tracking app for expenses, reimbursements, or IRS tax deductions.

TrackMyDrive runs in the background and automatically detects all the drives that you make and then lets you easily categorize them as Business or Personal (or a custom category).

Unlike other mileage logs that only track the “start” and “end” locations, TrackMyDrive tracks your entire trip and automatically calculates your mileage deduction or company reimbursement.

This app focuses on keeping things as simple as possible. Through eliminating unnecessary features and making the user interface simple to use.

One of the best features of this app is that it automatically syncs with your account at http://trackmydrive.com. This offers the following benefits:

# Use your desktop computer to update and view your trips.
# Print trip reports in PDF, CSV or EXCEL format.
# Your data is backed up. If you lose your phone, simply re-download the app and login.
# Data is automatically synced between all your devices.

TrackMyDrive is the premier iPhone/iPad mileage tracker app. We are dedicated to continually improving the app and hope you enjoy using it!

# Track your company mileage reimbursement.
# Excellent customer service.
# Manual entry of mileage logs and reimbursements.
# Mileage deduction is automatically calculated.
# Track miles using GPS.
# Easy tax tracking and reimbursement tracking.
# Accurate and detailed Mileage Log.
# Use your phone as normal, the app runs in the background.
# Excellent customer service, go ahead and send us an email to see how quickly we respond.
# Allows for manually adding trips by address. Remembers and autocompletes your most used destinations.
# Mark an entry as round trip to double the distance.
# Miles or Kilometers supported.
# Supports all major currencies.
# Customizable mileage allowances.
# Records start/end times of your trips.
# Mileage Type Categorizing can be customized.
# New IRS rates are automatically updated.

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