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Jam for iPhone can turn anyone into a rock star with their own virtual band. Sing anything into your phone and Jam will turn it into an original musical Masterpiece, regardless of your musical ability.

Simply select a musical style and tempo then hit record. Jam detects the
incoming vocal pitch, musical key and song structure, then it auto-tunes the
vocal and produces original backing music to suit. The result is an awesome sounding, completely original song created around your vocal. No two songs are ever the same!

Jam enables you to share your songs on Facebook or publish them to the Jam
Charts where the public can vote on them to move them up or down in the

Get virtual badges for special achievements, earn royalties when people “like” your songs and if you are dedicated enough, you may even be offered a record deal by one of four Jam record labels!

# Create awesome original songs in seconds
# No musical talent required
# Share your songs with friends on Facebook or your fans in Jam
# Break into the Jam charts
# Unlock cool musical style packs
# Earn royalties and virtual badges
# Get signed to a record label

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