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Save the world of Landslandia from the Megawobblins in this gorgeous, fast-paced level-based flying adventure game.

You have joined the Dragon Raiders — a special group tasked with ensuring the safety of the inhabitants of Landslandia from any and all threats. The Wobblin menace was once stopped by this trio and their friends, but they’ve once again appeared to cause mischief and mayhem wherever they go… But something is different this time. The Wobblins now have enormous Megawobblins assisting them, and they all appear to be after the mysterious Dark Shards. They could be attempting to summon the Archwobblin and, if that happens, no one in Landslandia will be safe.

Take control of Melty, Pokey, and Frosty and embark on an all-new adventure. Fly and dodge your way through dozens of levels, each with its own unique perils, obstacles, and goals, in this fast-paced flying adventure game. And take down the Megawobblins in epic, innovative boss fights through three entirely unique environments. As the dragons embark on their adventure, they will grow and evolve as Raiders, increasing the potency of their new dragon powers.

# Grow, Evolve, and Customize Your Dragons — As you play, your dragons will gain experience and, eventually, evolve from Whelp to Raider. On top of that, you can customize your dragon with a variety of amazing customizations like Pokey’s wizard outfit, Melty’s headphones, Frosty’s cowboy getup, or any number of the multitude of possible customizations.

# A Flying Adventure with Replayability — Levels are designed with mobile gameplay in mind — they’re short, infinitely replayable, and each has several possible goals that you can aim to achieve every time you play. Learn the flow and obstacles of each level and optimize your flight to accomplish all its goals and to tromp your friends’ best scores.

# Epic Battles Against the Megawobblins — The Wobblins have found the ancient Megawobblins and let them loose in Landslandia; use what you learn in the game to help you take down these enormous monsters in fast-paced, dynamic boss battles.

# A Gorgeous, Stylized World — The world of Dragon Academy has been recreated in beautiful, stylized 3D; jump from region to region and experience the blistering heat of the Cookin’ Caverns, the lush, tranquil greenery of Road to the Academy, and the brutal blizzards of the Frozen Fundra.

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